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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is to preserve and enhance a person's health and function. 

Our Values are integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence, which guide all our actions.

Our Vision is to promote patient functionality through the best clinical services, most advanced and effective treatment protocols, and documented outcomes for our patients. 





 Photo of Gaylord's President  

  George Kyriacou
  President and Chief Executive Officer


As a specialty or long-term acute care hospital, Gaylord is among the best in the country at helping patients recover and return to the highest quality of life. We care for the most acutely and chronically ill patients who come to Gaylord for additional care after a stay in the ICU or after a hospital discharge, and we bring together all of our clinical resources to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Our patients range from pulmonary, cardiac and cancer patients to patients with strokes, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury. And many of our patients have two or more chronic diseases or conditions. Our goal is treating the whole person, and we “think possible” by leaving no stone unturned in meeting each patient’s unique needs and goals.

Each year we benchmark our care delivery processes and patient outcomes to the best hospitals across the country. This ensures that we are continuously improving and that Gaylord’s care delivery and outcomes are among the best in the nation. For example, our vent-weaning rate measures above 75%, a phenomenal success rate when compared to other specialty hospitals, especially considering we take only the hardest patients to wean.

Our outcomes also show that our patients have far fewer hospital readmissions and fewer emergency department experiences and that 48% of our patients return home, as opposed to returning to another facility or institution. This is a much higher rate than the national average and translates into a higher quality of life for our patients. Because Gaylord is an early adopter of new treatments and technology, we are able to offer the most advanced care for treating complex and difficult conditions while achieving excellent clinical results.

As we move into a new era in healthcare, Gaylord is extremely well positioned to demonstrate how improving clinical outcomes and providing a better quality of life for our patients can ultimately reduce future healthcare costs. This is a win-win situation for everyone.


George Kyriacou
President and Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Kyriacou began serving as president and chief executive officer in November 2011. His experience in health care administration is extensive. Prior to joining Gaylord, Mr. Kyriacou was the president and chief executive officer of Hanover Health Care in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Previous to his role at Hanover he was instrumental in the development of the Hartford Healthcare System (HHCS) for over two decades, first as vice president of administration and professional services at Meriden-Wallingford Hospital (now MidState Medical Center which is owned by HHCS) in the late 1980s, then as vice president of system development at HHCS and executive vice president and chief operating officer at MidState Medical Center.

With over 30 years in the healthcare industry, he brings experience in strategic planning, business development, philanthropic fundraising, corporate financing, mergers and acquisitions, and phyisican recruitment and integration within acute care hospitals and ambulatory centers in the Northeast. Mr. Kyriacou received his bachelor's degree in urban studies from the University of Massachusettes, Amherst, where he also earned his master's degree in public health administration. 


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