Eyes Wide Open


"Inspired by an individual at Gaylord who touched us all…
I hope that by sharing these impressions, it will help others reflect on the work we do and the impact we have on those in need."
David Rosenblum, MD

The rhythmic artificial sound of air

Pushed in and out

I can’t breathe

A collar ensuring no movement

Where no movement is to be found.
I can’t move

A mind betrayed, from the chin down

Senses absent, all but pain.

I can’t feel


Fear, panic, so many questions

I am lost

Unable to talk, even thoughts clouded

Sedatives, needles, tubes, pain

What happened?

What will happen…

Eyes wide open, hoping, praying

Chaos, ambulance, transfer

New place, new people

New routine, uncertainty

Rehabilitation. What is that?

I can’t breathe

I can’t move

I can’t feel

Who are they? Will they help me?

Eyes wide open, seeing, searching

Rehab nurses, rehab physicians,
Internists, pulmonologists,

Lots of therapists and staff

An amazing team

Kindness, support, caring

Ventilator weaning

Learning lots

Pain is less.

Out of bed. Sitting up

With help
Lots of help

I can’t breathe

I can’t move

I can’t feel

But I am here.

Eyes wide open, understanding

Ventilator is off
I can breathe!

I can talk

Bowel programs, bladder programs

Skin care

So much to learn

Directing care
I am helping others help me

Driving a wheelchair

Going when and where I want

Computer access

Environmental control

Family training—they are with me

Tools to help me

Eyes wide open. What do they see?

A mirror. In passing

A moment’s glance

A look, then I stare

Beyond the chair, the neck brace
Beyond the muscle atrophy

It takes a moment, but it’s clear

Eyes wide open. I see me!


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