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Getting you back to breathing on your own

Gaylord’s Ventilator Weaning Program is designed to help patients who have been dependent on a ventilator learn how to breathe on their own again. Under the guidance of our board-certified pulmonologists, our Ventilator Weaning Program has achieved a high degree of success for many patients. Our success rates are well above the national average. In fact, we’re often able to help patients who’ve been unable to achieve success at other hospitals. 

Our program uses the latest research and technologies, together with a multi-disciplinary team approach, to help patients successfully transition from being on a ventilator to breathing independence. We use proven weaning techniques -- as well as clear communication between patients, their families and the care team – to maximize each patient’s chances of success.

We conduct a thorough assessment of each patient before he or she arrives at Gaylord, so that any special needs can be determined early in the process. Upon arrival at our facility, the entire care team sees the patient and develops an individualized plan of care. The goal of our Ventilator Weaning Program is to begin the weaning process as soon as possible. We advocate early ambulation, to help patients build their strength and stamina. When they’re able, patients use the physical therapy gym on-campus, visit our greenhouse or stroll the grounds as weather permits. We also guide patients in meeting their nutritional needs for better overall wellness.

The Ventilator Weaning Program at Gaylord offers several clear advantages: 

  • A pulmonologist leads the care team.
  • We collaborate with the referring hospital’s pulmonary team.
  • We offer advance respiratory therapies and treatment for both acute and chronic conditions.
  • We provide portable ventilators and bedside therapy equipment.
  • We offer 24-hour coverage by respiratory therapists.
  • We provide cardiac-monitored beds for patients who require them.
  • Our nurses and respiratory therapists are ACLS and telemetry certified.
  • We combine respiratory and physical therapies at bedside to maximize productive rehabilitation time.
  • Communication devices including speaking valves
  • Gaylord uses the most technically-advanced light-weight portable weaning ventilators, the Flight Medical Flight 60.
  • A vent weaning goal of 15 days or less from the day of admission.
  • We use the Passy-Muir Valve, when appropriate, which allows vent dependent patients to speak

Preparing for ongoing care

Some patients – those with certain spinal cord injuries or progressive neuromuscular disease, for example – may be unable to be weaned from the ventilator. When that is the case, our Pulmonary Team will work with the family to determine the best course of care after discharge from Gaylord. If the patient will be cared for at home, we will train the patient and his or her family in “trach” care, suctioning, home ventilator operation and emergency care. We can also help you select a home health company, check the home environment, and assist in making sure the ventilator is properly placed for patient comfort and safety. We can also contact local EMS and utility provides to alert them to the presence of a home ventilator. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the proper expert care you need, whether you’re with us or at home.


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