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Providing Concussion Education

The Gaylord Center for Concussion Care offers educational seminars on concussion related topics. Concussion symptoms may be obvious but they may also be hidden. It is important to identify the cognitive, emotional and physical effects of a concussion and understand how each issue is treated. Depending on the topic, educational presentations are done by our staff from psychology, physical therapy, or physiatry. Groups that benefit from our concussion seminars include coaches, students, parents, youth sports teams and groups, and healthcare professionals including school nurses.

Information: Contact Pete Grevelding at (203) 741-3386, or email:

Concussion Videos

Concussion Management Part 1: Identification and Symptom Management

Concussion Management Part 2: Rehabilitation, Prevention, and Return to Play

Dr. Sarah Bullard, Gaylord's director of psychology and Center for Concussion Care and Anne Pacileo, physical therapist and site supervisor of our Outpatient Therapy Services, discuss the identification and management of concussion symptoms. These videos were created by GottaLoveCTHockey.


Concussion PowerPoint Presentations

Two PowerPoint presentations from The Concussion 2.0 Conference held in May of 2014.

Under "Presentations" in the graphic below click the slide show you would like to view and move through the slides via the two arrows under the photo. 

Presentation 1: CONCUSSION The Impact on Schools: Strategies and Adjustments in the First Weeks

Presentation 2: Gaylord Advanced Concussion Case Studies


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