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Audiologist doing a hearing test

for free hearing aid batteries, battery charger or remote control with the purchase of a hearing aid or aids.

While some types of hearing loss can be medically corrected, other hearing problems are permanent and can be helped with hearing aids and special devices.

Coming to terms with hearing loss can be a sensitive issue for most people—no matter what their age. Gaylord’s audiologists understand and treat each client with respect while trying to find the best hearing solution for each person. The sooner hearing impairment is identified, the sooner treatment can begin.

Download the Hearing Center brochure (click link)

The Gaylord Hearing Center's comprehensive services include:

  • Hearing evaluations
  • Latest in hearing aid technology
  • Free counseling for patients and families

Hearing Center video

Other Benefits of the Gaylord Hearing Center

  • Everything you need for your hearing—all at one convenient location.
  • Expert audiologists, each with 20+ years of experience.
  • Dedicated patient care coordinator to help with appointments and insurance paperwork.
  • High customer service and satisfaction ratings.
  • State-of-the-art hearing aids available for fitting and purchase all at one location. There’s no need to go elsewhere.
  • Free follow-up visits are provided to clients.
  • The Hearing Center is conveniently located at Gaylord Hospital’s main campus in Wallingford.

Hearing Loss Resources


For Outpatient Referrals and Appointments: (203) 284-2880 or email:

Fax: (203) 949-2160 Referrals are accepted from physicians, schools and agencies. Self-referrals are also accepted.

Download the Hearing Center brochure (click link)


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