Bioness System


Our skilled team of therapists uses the latest techniques, equipment and technology to help our Neurological Rehabilitation Program patients achieve the best quality of life. 

Bioness Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System

The occupational therapists in our Neurological Rehabilitation Program are specially trained to help you get back to your regular activities of daily living using the newest wireless hand rehabilitation system. The Bioness is an ergonomically designed, easy-to-operate system that helps you to reach, grasp, open and close your hand. 

Patients appropriate for therapy with the system include those with primarily hemiparesis, one-sided weakness, from a stroke or traumatic brain injury and patients with certain levels of spinal cord injury. 

The system is made up of a lightweight orthosis and a wireless control unit. The orthosis fits the forearm and wrist and delivers low-level electrical stimulation to activate the nerves that control the muscles in the hand and forearm. This precise stimulation helps the muscles relearn to respond to signals for movement. The wireless control unit lets you adjust the level of stimulation. 

We have the Bioness Hand Rehabilitation system available for both the right and left arms/hands and in medium and large sizes to accommodate patient needs. Our clinicians will custom-fit the orthosis and set up the control unit with a therapy program designed specifically for you. The Bioness system is used in our inpatient and outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Program which is based at our Gaylord Hospital campus in Wallingford.

Download the Wireless Hand Rehab brochure 

Video: How the Bioness Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System works

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