Neuropsychology Appointments

To make an appointment for a Neuropsychological Evaluation, the patient’s physician should call our offices. Our Administrative Assistant, can be reached Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., at (203) 741-3413.

Does healthcare insurance pay for the neuropsychological evaluation?

  • We accept many insurance plans and are listed as a preferred provider for many health insurance carriers. Once we receive the referral form, our administrative assistant will contact the insurance company to verify benefits and obtain authorization for the evaluation. 
  • Depending on the referral question and medical history, the patient’s medical insurance may provide partial or full coverage of the Neuropsychological Evaluation.
  • We also accept fee-for-service payment (cash, check, or credit card payment accepted), for those who do not wish to use their insurance policy or when insurance will not pay for the evaluation. 
  • Should the fee-for-service approach be chosen, half of the total payment will be expected at the time of the patient’s visit. We accept cash, checks or credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover).   

What is the cost for these services if the patient chooses to pay for a neuropsychological evaluation without using his/her insurance?

The cost of a Neuropsychological Evaluation depends upon the presenting concerns and the requirements of the evaluation. The base charge for a Neuropsychological Evaluation is $1,500, but may be up to $2,500 for more complex referral questions. Please contact our Administrative Assistant, at (203) 741-3413, with specific questions about billing and cost. 


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