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Discovering the root of the problem is the first step in moving forward.

Often, when an individual has trouble remembering things, concentrating, controlling his or her emotions, or even handling simple, everyday activities, Gaylord’s highly trained Neuropsychologists can help. Neurocognitive difficulties (related to memory, thinking and attention), as well as emotional problems, may result from a number of conditions including:

Clinical Neuropsychology looks at brain functioning and how it affects behavior, memory, learning, and more. Gaylord’s Neuropsychologists are specially trained to sort psychological from neurological issues. Through a Neurological Evaluation, our specialists can diagnose the “root” of the problem and develop an appropriate plan of treatment to help the patient move forward. 

What is a neuropsychological evaluation? 

Using a set of standardized tests and procedures, Gaylord’s Neuropsychologists can systematically develop a comprehensive assessment of a number of cognitive and behavioral functions including:
  • Intelligence
  • Problem Solving and Conceptualization
  • Planning and Organization
  • Attention, Memory and Learning
  • Language
  • Academic Skills
  • Perceptual and Motor Abilities
  • Emotions, Behavior and Personality
The Neuropsychological Evaluation then provides the basis for a diagnosis and plan of treatment. Download our Neuropsychological Evaluations brochure.

Why would someone be referred for a neuropsychological evaluation?

When an individual complains about problems with memory or an inability to think clearly, he or she may be a candidate for a Neuropsychological Evaluation.   The person, or his or her loved ones, may have noticed a change in concentration, organization, reasoning, memory, language skill, perception, coordination, or even changes in personality. These changes may be the result of a number of medical, neurological, psychological or genetic causes. A Neuropsychological Evaluation can help determine the reasons for changes in behavior and establish the basis for an appropriate course of treatment.  

How are test scores used to understand a specific situation?

Gaylord’s Neuropsychologists use a large body of existing data on how individuals of a similar age and educational background to the patient have scored on the tests used in the evaluation. By comparing the patient’s scores to this data, it’s possible to determine whether the patient falls within the “normal” range of functioning. The pattern of the patient’s test scores is also reviewed to determine changes in certain abilities and to identify the patient’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

What should a patient expect?

Basically, a Neuropsychological Evaluation involves a combination of interviewing and testing. The interview is designed to uncover information about the patient that’s important for a neuropsychologist to consider in forming a diagnosis. For example, the patient will be asked about symptoms, medical history, medications and other important factors. Testing may include paper-and-pencil tests, computerized tests, or simply answering questions from the neuropsychologist. The number and variety of tests required, as well as the time needed to complete them, will depend on the condition being assessed. Some tests may be easy, while others are more complex. Most patients find the testing process to be interesting and even enjoyable. If a patient needs glasses or hearing aids, they should be used during the testing process. Above all, it’s important for the patient to do his or her best, because the information that’s gathered will play a key role in formulating a plan of care.      

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment for a Neuropsychological Evaluation, the patient’s physician should call our offices. Our Administrative Assistant, can be reached Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., at (203) 741-3413.



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