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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

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Sportsmetrics™ Program 

Sportsmetrics™ is a comprehensive training program which begins with sports injury testing and progresses to a rigorous strengthening regime. Athletes are photographed and videotaped and the footage is analyzed. The training program consists of a dynamic warm-up, plyometric training, strength training, speed and agility training, core stability exercises, and flexibility training. Sportmetrics™ has been shown to increase hamstring strength, speed, agility, abdominal strength, vertical jump height, and reduce the risk of serious knee injuries. The recommendation for the most successful training is 18 sessions. You can sign up for the program on a rolling basis. To secure a space an informed consent form must be completed and the session paid for in advance. See the brochure for more details.  Registration is rolling and interested athletes can choose anywhere between 8 to 18 sessions.

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Download the Sportsmetrics™ Program brochure

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you perform professionally, compete as a student athlete, or are a “weekend warrior,” you deserve expert care when your body is injured. Our therapists understand the unique needs of athletes, and Gaylord’s Sports Injury Rehabilitation program is specifically designed to facilitate your recovery as quickly and safely as possible.

Our Sports physical therapists specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a comprehensive range of sports-related injuries. So what do you need to restore? Your speed? Your agility? Your ability to throw? Whatever your goal, the specialists at Gaylord’s Sports Injury Rehabilitation program can help you get off the sidelines and back into the game. We’re also part of the Gaylord Center for Concussion Care and can provide a plan of care that allows athletes to return to their game when it is safe to do so.

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