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Graston Technique® is a patented form of instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization that enables the breakdown of scar tissue that may be restricting mobility. Scar tissue limits range of motion and in many instances causes pain, which prevents individuals from functioning as they did prior to the injury. Graston Technique® is being used by NBA, NHL, NFL and Major League Baseball trainers. Our therapists have received advanced certification in Graston Technique®.

Benefits to patients include:

• Decreased Overall Treatment Time
• Faster Recovery
• Reduced Need for Anti-Inflammatory Medications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is scar tissue a problem?

Scar tissue limits range of motion and in many instances causes pain. Both the scar tissue and the resulting pain can prevent you from functioning as you did before the injury. 

How is scar tissue different from other tissue?

When viewed under a mircoscope normal tissue can result in a several different forms: dense, regular elongated fibers running in the same direction, such as tendons and ligaments; or dense, irregular and lose with fibers running in multiple directions. In either situation, when the tissue is damaged it will heal in a haphazard pattern - or scarring - that results in a restricted range of motion and pain. 

Is it common to experience minor discomfort during the procedure and some bruising?

Slight pressure is applied as the physical therapist, who is specially trained in the technique, moves the the smooth metal tool over the scar tissue. Because this motion helps break up scar tissue, you may experience some slight discomfort and minor bruising. 

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