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A dedicated team of specialists

Spinal Cord Injury treatment (SCI) at Gaylord involves an integrated team approach. Depending on your needs, treatment will draw on the expertise of specialists from a wide range of disciplines.


Board-certified physicians in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, called "physiatrists," are attending physicians and treatment team leaders for all patients in the SCI Rehabilitation Program. They provide your daily medical care and are trained to diagnose and manage the medical problems associated with spinal cord injuries.


A registered nurse is assigned to you upon your admission to the rehabilitation unit and maintains a close relationship with you and your family until discharge. These highly skilled nurses are responsible for developing a nursing care plan to meet your unique physical and emotional needs and for ensuring continuity of care by other nursing staff and therapists.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists provide you with a thorough evaluation and an individualized treatment program to increase strength and mobility, as well as help relieve pain and restore function. They work closely with you, your family and other rehabilitation team members to help you achieve the maximum level of independence.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists design programs to help you achieve maximal independence in your daily living activities. Services may include helping you achieve independence in self-care (dressing, grooming, bathing and eating), home management activities, parenting, functional communication, recreation and community activities.

Social Workers

Our Social Workers will help you to prepare psychologically and emotionally for returning to your home community following inpatient rehabilitation. Social Workers provide supportive counseling to assist you and your family in coping with your injuries and disabilities. They also facilitate plans for discharge, coordinating your needs with those of your family, rehabilitation team and insurance representative. Social Workers also assist with early identification and referral to community resources.

Rehabilitation Psychologists

Our Rehabilitation Psychologists assist people with spinal cord injuries to cope and adjust. The psychologist's role is to provide a supportive environment in which you can focus on regaining self-direction and independence. To do this, psychologists address the emotional, cognitive and behavioral aspects of your adjustment and prepare you for your return to home and community.

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS) conduct assessments of your previous leisure lifestyle to determine leisure needs, abilities and interests. Our CTRS will work with you, your family/caregiver, and other rehabilitation team members to design and implement your individualized treatment plan. Therapeutic recreation services promote independence in leisure lifestyle activities by improving your physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills. Activities are designed to assist you with recovery and coping with your life changes. 

The Sports Association of Gaylord Hospital supports disabled sports teams and clubs by encouraging people with physical disabilities to experience and participate in new sporting activities.

Speech Therapists

Speech-language pathologists are available to provide evaluation and treatment for voice difficulties and dysphagia (swallowing impairment), with cognitive-communicative intervention as needed. Speech-language pathologists help you achieve maximum benefit from therapy and optimal independence with communication and swallowing.

Discharge Planning Staff

Our Discharge Planning Staff will arrange for the services of visiting nurses, if skilled nursing care is necessary, or home health aides. They also set up in-home therapies including physical and occupational therapy.



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