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Our Approach to Care

Mobility is crucial to your sense of well-being and Gaylord’s Wheelchair Assessment Service is designed to provide you with an expert evaluation of your physical capabilities and your current equipment, as well as your mobility goals and needs. Download our Wheelchair Assessment Service brochure.

Your evaluation will be conducted by registered physical therapists who are certified Assistive Technology Providers (ATPs), with advanced training in seating and positioning. We will look at your functional capabilities and do a comprehensive physical assessment – including skin and soft tissue, passive range of motion, tone, active movement, pain, posture, balance, sensation and endurance. The results of this evaluation will help determine your needs for seating and mobility.

Using advanced simulation technologies, plus the input of Rehab Technology Suppliers, we’ll help you select the right equipment to meet your current and future mobility requirements. Having the right wheelchair or assistive device can mean the difference between independence and dependence. Our evaluation and assistance in equipment selection can also help prevent complications that result from having ill-fitting equipment including orthopedic deformity, loss of skin integrity, chronic pain, or depression.

Program Highlights

Download our Spinal Cord Injury Technology pdf

Xsensor X3 Pressure Mapping Sensor Pad

The Xsensor Sensor Pad provides real-time visual feedback to both you and your therapist to help you achieve optimal pressure relief. Inability to shift position can cause skin breakdown in the hips, lower spine and buttocks. The mapping pad helps our therapists select the best seat cushion for optimal pressure relief, and it helps you develop the best techniques to relieve pressure.

Mini-Joystick and Gatlin Mount

The Mini-Joystick is designed for people who cannot use a standard joystick to independently operate a power wheelchair. For individuals who have no arm control/movement, the Mini-Joystick can also be controlled using the chin. The Gatlin Mount hardware has multiple adjustments and is used to mount the joystick to the seating system, or wheelchair base.


The SmartWheel system analyzes manual wheelchair use by measuring the force, frequency, speed, length and other parameters of each push of a wheelchair’s hand-rim. This information is transmitted wirelessly to a computer. The system provides your therapist with information about your ability to propel a manual wheelchair. With real-time feedback, the SmartWheel can compare your pushing ability before and after clinical interventions. The data is collected and compared to a national database. This information is important, because it enables optimal configuration of the wheelchair and improves your ability to propel it efficiently. It also helps to lower the risk of repetitive or overuse injuries in the shoulders or arms. Gaylord Outpatient Services is the only provider in Connecticut to use Out-Front’s SmartWheel system.
Standing Frame Evaluation

This evaluation is designed to assess and recommend a standing device for home use.

Custom-Molded Seat Cushions and Back Supports

We can provide custom-molded seat cushions and back supports to accommodate significant postural deviations and maximize user comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine if I need a Wheelchair Assessment?

If you feel that your mobility is limited by a change in function, or your current equipment is outdated or in disrepair, you may benefit from an evaluation.

Why is it best to have an assessment done by a physical therapist with special certification?

Gaylord’s Wheelchair Assessment Service is operated by registered physical therapist who is a certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) with advanced training in seating and positioning. Certified therapists are able to make a more comprehensive evaluation and are more familiar with the latest technology and evaluation techniques. 

What if I am already involved with other medical providers?

Our Wheelchair Assessment Services are unique and highly regarded throughout Connecticut and surrounding states. Our staff members frequently coordinate care with other medical providers, and can make recommendations to your current team. In fact, many physicians refer patients to us for new seating options while continuing their treatment.

How will I know if I have the right equipment?

Gaylord’s clinicians work closely with equipment manufacturers to ensure that a wide variety of state-of-the-art options are available for you to try out. Our clinicians also stay abreast of ongoing developments in federal legislation affecting mobility equipment, so they can make appropriate recommendations. Our experts will guide you to equipment that is functional, safe and comfortable. They’ll recommend equipment that improves your posture and functionality, and they’ll make sure that the secondary complications caused by ill-fitting or malfunctioning equipment are minimized.
Will my medical insurance cover services?

Most commercial health care insurance plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, will cover our Wheelchair Assessment Services. Our staff members can also work with you to verify benefit coverage, or discuss treatment costs that may not be covered by your insurance.


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