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Gaylord Sleep Medicine is the largest single provider of sleep medicine services in Connecticut, and is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Board-certified sleep medicine physicians are also trained in more medical specialties than any other sleep medicine program in the state. The medical staff, working with the sleep medine team, can provide:

  • Comprehensive Sleep Evaluation
  • Sleep Testing (i.e., Diagnostic Sleep Study/PSG, CPAP Titration, PAP Titration, Diagnostic Sleep Testing with Extended EEG, Multiple Sleep Latency Test [MSLT] for Narcolepsy, Maintenance of Wakefulness Test [MWT])
  • Home Sleep Testing (click link to download the brochure)
  • Sleep Study Follow-up
  • Sleep Apnea Management
  • Insomnia Evaluation
  • Physician Consultation

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