Inpatient Admissions


Our admissions team works to ensure a smooth transition for patients moving from an acute care hospital setting into Gaylord Hospital’s inpatient programs. Interacting with the referring hospital, the admissions department coordinates all aspects of the referral process so that your transfer is as seamless as possible.

The referral and admission process consists of four steps:

  1. Referrals

    A patient is usually referred to Gaylord from an acute care hospital. A physician, social worker, case manager or discharge planner makes the referral by calling Gaylord’s Admissions Office at (203) 284-2810. Occasionally, a representative from an insurance company initiates arrangements.
  2. Determination of Medical Necessity and Admission Appropriateness

    Once the referral has been made, a Regional Healthcare Manager from Gaylord Hospital visits the referring hospital, conducts an on-site evaluation and completes a pre-admission assessment of the patient to ensure that Gaylord is the next most appropriate level of care for the patient. The assessment may include interviews with the patient, family, physicians and any other health care professionals directly involved in the patient’s care.


    We encourage patients’ family members to tour Gaylord Hospital prior to admission. Tours can be arranged by appointment on weekdays through Nursing Administration at (203) 284-2800, option 9.
  3. Insurance Coverage Verification and Financial Assistance Programs

    For a list of authorized managed health care plans, click here.

    It is our responsibility to inform the patient and family about the financial cost of the patient’s hospital stay. Before admission, Gaylord makes a good faith attempt to provide the patient with an accurate estimate of treatment costs that may not be covered by the patient’s insurance. Gaylord does not discriminate on the basis of a person’s ability to pay.

    Charity Care

    Free bed funds are available to all Gaylord Hospital patients who may not be able to pay their bills for services received during treatment. Free bed funds are available to assist those who qualify as uninsured or under-insured under federal guidelines. Information about the Free Bed Fund is provided to the patient upon admission. Applications are available in Patient Registration, Billing, Benefits and Care Management. You will receive a response to your request within seven business days.

    Financial Assistance

    Financial assistance may be available to patients who meet income guidelines and have been denied Medicaid benefits. Gaylord offers payment plans to those who don’t meet income guidelines or do not qualify for Medicaid. Payment plans may be discussed with Gaylord’s Billing Department at (203) 741-3368.
  4. Admission to Gaylord Hospital

    A clinical admissions representative works with the referring hospital and your physicians to arrange for the date and time of your admission. Your room and bed will be assigned based on bed availability and your diagnosis, gender and overall condition.

    Upon your arrival, an attending physician will be assigned to direct and oversee your care. A care manager will be appointed to ensure that you receive the appropriate resources during your stay. An admissions representative will help you or your designee to complete your admissions registration and verify that basic information (such as your name, address, social security number and insurance) is correct. You also will be asked to review and sign the Notice of Privacy Practices which safeguards your protected health information.

Gaylord Hospital Admissions Office

The Admissions Office coordinates inpatient admissions every day of the week, including holidays.

Admissions Office: (203) 284-2810

Admissions Fax: (203) 284-2811

Tour Appointments: (203) 284-2815



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