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The need for price "transparency" is emerging as a hot topic in consumer directed health care. At Gaylord, we believe that providing information on the price and quality of health services gives consumers more control and responsibility in managing their health care. As former Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt said, "People deserve to know, indeed they have a right to know, what their health care costs and how good it is. Patients should also be able to see an estimate of the overall cost of the procedure, how much their insurer will pay and how much they will be expected to pay. That kind of information will allow patients to become informed consumers making informed choices about one of the most 'priceless' things in life — their health."

Gaylord’s pricing for the most frequently used services in Outpatient Therapy and Sleep Medicine are noted below. Pricing is listed in ranges due to differences in contracted pricing with various insurers.

Outpatient Services

Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy

  • Individual/Group: $72 to $92 per session

Speech Therapy

  • Individual/Group: $68 to $88 per session

Physician Services

  • Initial Interpretation: $99 to $120

Sleep Medicine Services

MSLT/Study: $725 to $1,200
Initial Consult: $100 to $280
Interpretation: $125 to $310
Follow-up: $76 to $96


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