What to Bring


Wondering what to pack as you prepare for your inpatient stay at Gaylord? Feel free to bring personal mementos such as photographs. Flowers, plants and greeting cards are also welcome additions. (Fresh flowers, however, are discouraged for our patients with pulmonary or respiratory issues.)

Essential Items

  • Health insurance card(s)
  • Personal identification
  • School transcripts (for school-aged children and college students)
  • Copy of Advanced Directives (if you have them)


Bring basic toiletry items—hairbrush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, disposable razors, deodorant, favorite shampoo or soap—that will make your stay more comfortable.

Personal Items

Remember to bring eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures, along with their appropriate containers.


Do not bring jewelry and other valuable items to the hospital. Keep only a small amount of cash with you. A safe is available in the Accounting Department for deposit of larger amounts of money or other valuables. Gaylord is not responsible for loss of valuables.

Electrical Appliances

You may bring battery-operated equipment, but for safety reasons, please do not bring your own electrical equipment. Gaylord provides television in your room and in the solarium of each unit.


Patients are allowed to bring their own laptops or tablets, but they must be wireless as computer cables and wiring can pose a safety hazard. Let your nurse know that you have a personal computer. The facilities staff will conduct an electrical check on the device. Once it’s cleared, you may connect via wireless network to the Gaylord Hospital guest/patient network.

Optional Items

  • Reading material
  • Note pad and pen (to write down questions you may have for your physician or treating team)
  • Contact information for family members and friends

Medical Division Patients


A hospital gown, which is provided at Gaylord, is very appropriate clothing for patients admitted to our Medical Division. Patients may bring comfortable pajamas or nightgowns. Also consider:

  • robe
  • socks
  • slip-on slippers
  • cotton underwear
  • comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to wear home upon discharge

Rehabilitation Division Patients


  • A hospital gown is provided, but patients can bring pajamas or nightgowns
  • comfortable, practical clothing—sweat suits, shorts, t-shirts
  • swim suit, in case aquatic therapy is prescribed. (Towels and terry swim robes are provided.)


  • Oxfords with string ties or well-built athletic shoes (with lifts, wedges, special adjustments)


Please bring any assistive devices or other equipment you may be using so our staff can check them over. These may include:

  • wheelchair
  • cane or crutches
  • braces (including back braces)
  • orthopedic corset
  • splints
  • artificial limbs
  • walker



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