As a long-term acute and chronic care hospital, our goal is to make the referral process as easy as possible. Gaylord's  services include medically complex care and rehabilitation (inpatient and outpatient). Our specialized programs include spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, ventilator weaning, respiratory management, transitional living, neurological rehabilitation, among many others. See the tabs below for details about the referral process.

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Referring a Patient

Gaylord accepts physician referrals for inpatient admissions, outpatient services and sleep medicine services. For admissions and referral information specific to our services, please click on the appropriate setting below:

Physician Referral Form

Inpatient Evaluation Criteria

Gaylord Hospital cares for medically complex patients in need of both acute medical care and therapy services. If the answer to one or more of the follow questions is yes, the patient may be eligible for admission to Gaylord Hospital. Please call the Admissions Office at (203) 284-2810 to schedule a Gaylord evaluation for your patient.

  • Does the patient have multisystem failures?
  • Is the patient on a ventilator?
  • Is the patient in need of intensive wound care?
  • Is the patient too unstable for transfer to a lower level of care?
  • Is the patient’s rehabilitation compromised by acute medical issues?
  • Is the patient’s anticipated length of stay approximately 14 days?
  • Is the patient in the intensive care unit?

Contact Me

If you would like a Gaylord representative to call you regarding a referral, consultation or care at Gaylord, send your contact information (name, practice name/organization, telephone number, email address) to



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