General Resources


This section provides medical professionals with recommended information and resources relating to some of the conditions treated at Gaylord.

Online Recommended Resources

  • The Internet Stroke Center: Provides health professionals with tools and educational presentations about stroke assessment, stroke treatment and management. Library of more than 1800 images of cerebrovascular and neurological diseases.
  • Resources from NINDS: The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) offers many educational materials designed for health care professionals involved in the treatment of acute stroke.

Links to articles authored by Gaylord medical staff

Links to free online full-text articles of educational interest


Article: COPD and cognitive impairment: the role of hypoxemia and oxygen therapy

Article: Co-morbidities of COPD in primary care: frequency, relation to COPD, and treatment consequences

Article: The impact of positive airway pressure on cardiac status and clinical outcomes in patients with advanced heart failure and sleep-disordered breathing: a preliminary report

Wound Care  

Article: Factors affecting wound healing

Article: Reducing pressure ulcer prevalence reates in the long-term actue care setting

Article: Effect of age on the biomechanical and microcirculatory properties of the skin in healthy individuals and during venous ulceration

Online Courses and CME

Heads Up to Clinicians: Addressing Concussion in Sports among Kids and Teens. Course covers pathophysiology, diagnosing, managment and prevention



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