Vinnie's Story



Vinnie thought he was sleeping well, but he often woke up feeling tired and his snoring was getting worse. Then his wife noticed that he sometimes stopped breathing as he slept.

His physician suggested doing a sleep study and Vinnie made an appointment at Gaylord Sleep Medicine. There he was hooked up to equipment that would monitor his breathing and heart rate and gauge the types and duration of sleep he experienced during the sleep study.

Not long after he had fallen asleep, the sleep medicine staff woke him up. “They told me that during the first hour my breathing was stopping and they were recording heart arrhythmias as a result of sleep apnea,” he says.

Vinnie was immediately fitted with a continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP machine that provides pressurized air that prevents the airway from closing. “My doctor explained that it wasn’t just intermittent breathing but that there was a cardiac component that was alarming,” he explains. In other words, Vinnie’s sleep apnea was stressing his heart, resulting in potentially dangerous arrhythmias.

Vinnie credits Gaylord’s Sleep Medicine program with diagnosing a potentially life threatening condition and providing the right solution to help him safely manage his sleep apnea. Now he doesn’t worry about going to sleep and he has the energy to enjoy life – especially participating in local politics.

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