Amputation/Sports Association - Brett's Story

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Amputation/Sports Association - Brett's Story

Brett's leg was seriously fractured in a biking accident while he was serving as a physician with the U.S. Air Force in Greece. After 10 years of repeated bone infections, 15 surgeries and chronic pain, it was necessary to amputate his leg below the knee. Once his body was freed from fighting infection Brett regained energy and began biking and swimming. He discovered the Gaylord Sports Association and the variety of adaptive sports and training opportunities that are available. He decided to begin running so that he could compete on Gaylord’s paratriathlete team in an upcoming triathlon and he has gone on to compete in a number of triathlons. Getting active again and participating in the team environment has given Brett a fresh perspective.

If you are physically disabled after an illness or injury, participating in sports may seem impossible. But we know the importance of embracing new challenges and the exhilaration that comes with testing your limits and seeing what you can do. The Gaylord Sports Association offers training, adaptive equipment and a team environment for individuals with physical disabilities to once again enjoy sports and try new athletic activities. A physical disability doesn’t mean you can’t ski or snowboard, play tennis, participate in a triathlon, go kayaking or swimming, practice archery, play golf, ride a bike, rock climb or water ski. It just means learning new techniques and trying new equipment in an encouraging environment to discover what is possible - for you!


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