Liver Transplant Rehab - Mike's Story

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Liver Transplant Rehab - Mike's Story

Mike didn’t have much hope as he lay bedridden in the hospital. Hepatitis C and cirrhosis had almost completely destroyed his liver and his only hope was for a liver transplant.

Miraculously a liver became available and Mike received a donor liver that saved his life. Six weeks after his surgery, he was transferred to Gaylord Hospital to begin his rehabilitation. Mike was very weak and afraid of what the future might hold. “It was like starting from scratch, it was very tough. I had a lot of fear,” he says.

Mike’s daily occupational and physical therapy at Gaylord focused on equipping him to meet the challenges of living alone. “Starting rehab gave me a lot of hope,” he explains. “The therapists asked me about my fears and the obstacles I would face at home. They addressed all of my worries and concerns.”

As a transplant patient, Mike’s medical condition was closely monitored by Gaylord’s medical team, which remained in close contact with his transplant team at Yale-New Haven Hospital. “My medical team at Gaylord took every precaution possible,” he comments.

After completing his rehabilitation at Gaylord, Mike returned to his home where he continues to make excellent progress. He is grateful for a second chance at life and the opportunity to share his love of music with others. 


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