Palliative Care - Eileen's story

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Palliative Care - Eileen's story

Many patients come to Gaylord with complex medical conditions. Eileen required extensive breathing support due to a serious illness that was causing her lungs to fail. Her health status was very serious and she had a special request that our staff was able to meet.

Eileen Hunter was only 63 years old when she was diagnosed with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (CMML), a rare blood cancer. She was told that a stem cell transplant was the only treatment that might save her life. But then a drug reaction damaged her lungs, thwarting the transplant and forcing her in and out of hospitals for the next four months. Now Eileen’s lungs were failing and the goal was to keep her as comfortable as possible.

*Eileen was able to go home where she received hospice care and she could see her horses from her window. She passed away on November 27, 2013.

Throughout her life, Eileen had worn many hats as working wife and mother, and as an avid supporter of children and youth. She served as the office manager at Hunter Pool Center for 38 years and she was the owner and manager of a horse farm and training facility in Chesire. Her upbeat attitude made her popular in her community and with the staff caring for her at Gaylord. Always alert for ways to help others, Eileen had arranged for some of her horses and riding students to visit patients at Masonicare over the past few years. Eileen now needed some of that same nurturing therapy for herself. She longed to see her horses again and happened to mention her desire to one of her nurses. Then a family member contacted the hospital wondering if they could bring the horses to Gaylord.

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