Physical Therapy - Christina's Story

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Physical Therapy - Christina's Story

While training for the Olympic tryouts in hammer throw, Christina was forced to undergo knee surgery when her kneecap began spontaneously dislocating, damaging the tendons.

She was determined to quickly get back into shape after her surgery, and began rehab at a local facility but was unhappy with the pace of her therapy. As an employee of Gaylord Hospital, Christina knew about its outstanding outpatient rehabilitation services and she quickly decided to switch to her physical therapy to Gaylord.

“Gaylord played such a crucial role in my recovery. I don’t know if I would be able to do what I am doing now if I had stayed at the other facility,” she says.

With training for the hammer throw no longer an option because it might cause further damage, Christina shifted her goals toward training for Strong Woman competitions. “My physical therapist at Gaylord was phenomenal. We worked together to set goals for my recovery,” she explains.

Christina credits her physical therapists and the comprehensive rehabilitation she received at Gaylord with helping her to change the direction of her athletic training. “My experience at Gaylord was so special because my therapists personalized my treatment. They didn’t just treat my injury; they treated me as an individual.”


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