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Discover how Gaylord's setting provides a restorative, healing environment for our patients and their families. For details and videos about specific programs see the individual program pages.

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Our volunteers are an important part of helping us to fulfill our mission of restoring each person to the highest level of independence possible. Gaylord volunteers include individuals from the community and all walks of life. Their concern for the welfare of people helps to supplement the work of our staff and brings another dimension to patient care. 

There are many ways to volunteer. Gaylord volunteers assist with many patient activities including:

  • Visiting patients
  • Transporting patients to therapies
  • Helping with recreational events
  • Peer Mentoring (see details below)

Volunteers also provide much needed assistance to hospital staff including:

  • Word processing
  • Reception
  • Office staffing
  • Gift Shop
  • Jackson and Milne Pavilion Information Desks
  • Patient Library
  • Book Cart

Peer Mentor Program 

A Peer Mentor is a former acquired brain injury patient who has walked through some of the same challenges that you or your loved one are facing. Peer Mentors have completed training as a Gaylord volunteer, and additional training to become a Peer Mentor. The goal of this program is to provide additional support to patients and families by providing a team of trained individuals who can relate to your current situation and act as role models and or resources for your time at Gaylord.

Who are the Peer Mentors?

Peer Mentors are former patients, who completed their inpatient program at least one year ago. They are selected through a screening process by the Peer Mentor Committee, and are formally trained and supervised. Patients can be referred by staff or a family member, and are screened by a member of Gaylord’s social work team to assess appropriateness based on patient’s current status. To learn more about becoming a Peer Mentor, please contact the Volunteer Manager at (203) 741-3328.

Who benefits from a Peer Mentor?

Most often, a Gaylord staff member will identify apatient who might benefit and makes the initial request. Current inpatients can request a Peer Mentor and requests from family or friends will also be considered. The goal is to enhance the patient’s ability to adjust to his or her medical condition, hospitalization and recovery by sharing common concerns and quality of life issues. Peer mentors are able to reinforce the importance of recovery and their encouragement has proven to enhance the path to recovery for patients.

When do visits take place?

Visits are weekly, and no more than 15 minutes at a time. Patients have the right to refuse mentoring or discontinue a session at any time.

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