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New Guest Cottages

New Guest Cottages Construction 

Comfort & Convenience for Gaylord Families

Imagine that your spouse or partner, teenager or close family member is coming to Gaylord for care and rehabilitation but you live far away. The travel combined with the cost of staying in a hotel makes an already stress-filled situation even more wearing. You wish you could stay closer and have ready access to your loved one. While Crockett Guest House currently helps meet this need, we are finding more patients and therefore their family members are coming from further away. Having additional guest quarters on our property would allow more families to stay on site, whether for a weekend visit or for a more extended stay. The emotional support of having a family member close by helps patients to relax and recover more quickly. And accessibility frees family members to provide important emotional support to their loved one. PROJECT NEED: $500,000

Guest Cottages

The construction of four new guest cottages on our campus will allow more families to stay just steps away from a loved one who is hospitalized at Gaylord. On site housing reduces stress for families and helps patients to recover more quickly knowing that family members are close by. With over 400 acres there is ample space for the cottages but we need your support to build them. 

Each unit will be done in a hotel suite layout. The units will be in a one story building and have a central entrance for easy access. The building will be located near the current Crockett Guest House with free parking and a short walk to the hospital. The timeline is approximately 6-7 months including finalizing of the architectural drawings and engineering, and town approval and construction.

Guest Cottages Brochure

It is easy to donate to the new guest cottages. Simply use the online donation form below and your gift will go directly toward this important project.