Message in a Minute

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Message in a Minute

    Contact Precautions

    Message in a Minute: Contact Precautions
    When entering a patient's room where contact precautions are required:
    1. Wash hands before entering the room
    2. Put on gloves and gown
    3. Properly dispose of gloves and gown
    4. Wash hands when leaving the room



    Message in a Minute: SBAR
    When passing of information to another staff member please use the SBAR format:
    "The situation is..."
    "The background is..."
    "My assessment is..."
    "My recommendation is..."



    Message in a Minute: AIDET
    As you engage patients please use the AIDET format: 
    Acknowledge, greet the patient
    Introduce, yourself and your role
    Duration, explain how long the treatment or activity will be
    Explain, the purpose or goals of the activity or treatment and how to do it, or why you are there
    Thank, the patient for letting you care for them


    The 4 "P"s 

    Message in a Minute: The 4 "P"s
    After greeting a patient and washing your hands use the 4 "P"s to assess their condition/situation and check the following:
    Pain status
    Potty, toileting needs?
    Position, comfortable?
    Personal items, are the items accessible and do they have what they want/need?