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For more than 115 years, Gaylord has been in the business of giving people their lives back.  This year has been like no other.  We are a small Hospital driven by patients and inspired by practitioners who are pioneers in therapy and able to confront life’s most devastating moments.  We are a community.  A community that breathes compassion and instills the mindset of “Think Possible” in every patient that comes through our doors. Our work has inspired countless donors to support Gaylord through our annual giving

Philanthropy at Gaylord is built on people and partnerships.  Our vision for excellence and superior patient outcomes is supported through private giving that enables Gaylord to deliver the highest quality of patient care and ultimately bring loved ones home. 

A gift to Gaylord Specialty Healthcare is more than a donation to a successful nonprofit. It’s a statement about your belief in what’s possible when people, research, and technology join together behind a common purpose. Gifts to Gaylord go to work at every level to make our mission real and put new possibilities within reach.


Rising to the Challenge of COVID-19

As the pandemic spread, our healthcare team jumped into action helping some of the sickest patients with COVID-19 to recover. Many patients spent several months at Gaylord and formed close bonds with their caregivers. The compassion and dedication of all of our staff is part of what sets Gaylord apart in providing outstanding care. Your generous donations help us to continue providing each patient the specialized care that makes it possible for them to return to their families and community.


Discover how Gaylord's setting provides a restorative, healing environment for our patients and their families. For details and videos about specific programs see the individual program pages. 

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