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Rising to the


During COVID-19 our Healthcare Heroes rose to the challenge of caring for patients who were recovering from this devastating illness. 

VIDEO about Healthcare Heroes & COVID-19 patients

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Places Where You Can Make a Difference


Unrestricted gifts. The lifeblood of Gaylord is unrestricted gifts, which give us the ability to respond to immediate needs.

COVID Relief Fund. This fund will provide the resources to purchase respirators, ventilators, Vapotherm units that provide heated humidifcation, vital personal protective equipment (PPE), and UV replacement bulbs that help with disinfecting. These are all important needs that are a result of the current pandemic. 

Therapy Wish List. This list has specific items that are not covered by budget and go to work immediately.

Sports Association. Representing 15+ programs and three competative teams, it provides instruction, equipment, and the chance to participate, compete, and feel the joy of sports.

SAVES Veteran Programming. This program builds health, quality of life, and camaraderie for veterans.

Recreation Therapy. Therapeutic recreation puts joy into everyday life for people in rehabilitation: gardening, painting, movies, music, music therapy, games, and more.

Traurig House. The critical on-campus residential facility for individuals who have experienced a stroke or traumatic brain injury. Traurig House provides a bridge between the hospital and home.

S.T.A.R.T.  Stands for Specialized Technologies Assisting Rehabilitation Today, a fund that puts advanced equipment where it’s needed most, in the hands of our staff and our patients.

Guest Cottages. A home away from home, our cottages provide on-campus housing for family members during a loved one's rehabilitation.

Chapel. For patients, families who struggle each day with the ups and downs of medical rehabilitation, this is a dedicated space that offers respite and sanctuary for all. Creating a new, updated space for our chapel is one of our current goals.

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