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Gaylord Specialty Healthcare is a rehabilitation-focused, nonprofit health system that provides inpatient and outpatient care for people at every point in their journey from illness or injury to maximum recovery.

Gaylord is widely recognized for its leadership in treating patients with a spinal cord injury, brain injury, or stroke and those requiring pulmonary, cardiac, or complex medical care, as well as sports-related injuries. Gaylord is CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited for all inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs and has specialty accreditation for its spinal cord, stroke, and brain injury programs. Gaylord is one of two long-term acute care hospitals in the world, and the only one of its kind in the U.S., with this unique level of CARF accreditation.

The system is anchored by Gaylord Hospital and includes Gaylord Outpatient Services and Gaylord Physical Therapy. Together, these entities deliver a complete continuum of rehab care driven by technology, research, clinical experience, and compassion.

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What is the difference in treating young and elderly stroke cases?

Stroke Rehab Times
March 13, 2023

Here, in the final part of our three-part series on young stroke survivor Garrett Mendez, Dr Alyse Sicklick shares with SR Times her experience of treating  younger stroke patients.

SRT: What are the key elements that elevate a younger person’s risk of stroke?
AS: “Many of the risk factors that can affect an older person’s stroke risk – high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac abnormalities, smoking, and drinking – can be major risk factors in younger people as well. There are many additional lifestyle and hereditary causes that can affect a younger person’s stroke risk, including connective tissue diseases, coagulation abnormalities, and even illicit drug usage.”

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'I'm great. I'm alive.' Greenwich COVID survivor reflects on life and struggles since record hospital stay

News 12 The Bronx
By Marissa Alter
March 16, 2023

George Kelakos, 66, of Greenwich has spent 40 years turning around businesses, bringing them back from disaster, as a lawyer and bankruptcy specialist. Now he's applying lessons learned in his career to his life.

"I'm doing my own turnaround. And in a turnaround, you don't look back and say, 'Woe is me.' You say, 'Ok, lessons that I learned, where am I now, and where do I want to go?'" Kelakos told News 12.

“I thought I was safe; I learned I was not.”

“I thought I was safe; I learned I was not.”

Drew Pisano, 34, doesn’t remember anything about the accident that nearly killed him, but the clues left behind at the scene piece together the story of how his plans for a “quick ride” on a beautiful fall day changed in the blink of an eye. “I’ve been riding bikes my whole life,” Drew said. “Dirt bikes, quads, motorcycles, I love them all.” More than his passion, bikes are also Drew’s livelihood. His Colchester-based business MotoBarn sells, maintains, and services bikes of all kinds.

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