Wheelchair Assessment Services

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Wheelchair Assessment Services

Our robust infection prevention protocol ensures that all patients receive expert quality care in a safe environment.

"Wheelchair Assessment Bringing Technology and Users Together"
This article was published in 2019 in Rehab Management magazine and written Jillian Cacopardo MPT, ATP/SMS, the clinical program coordinator of the Wheelchair Assessment Clinic. Jillian is also a certified seating and mobility specialist. 


Mobility is crucial to our total wellbeing - especially for individuals who require assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walkers or artificial limbs. Over time your mobility can be compromised and having a well-prescribed wheelchair or assistive device can mean the difference between independence and being dependent on others. Gaylord's Wheelchair Assessment Service can improve your mobility through the proper recommendation of customized wheelchairs and other assistive devices.

The Wheelchair Assessment Service is coordinated by registered physical therapists who are certified Assistive Technology Providers (ATP) with advanced training in seating and positioning. Rehab Technology Suppliers (RTS) are present at evaluations to assist in equipment selection and to provide the equipment to clients.

A proper evaluation and prescription can reduce costs associated with preventable complications that result from ill-fitting equipment such as:

  • Orthopedic deformity
  • Loss of skin integrity
  • Chronic pain syndromes
  • Depression


Xsensor X3 Pressure Mapping Sensor Pad

Xsensor  X3 Pressure Mapping Sensor Pad - provides real-time visual feedback to the therapist and wheelchair user to help achieve optimal pressure relief. Inability to shift position can cause skin breakdown in the hips, lower spine and buttocks. The mapping pad helps the therapist select the best seat cushion for optimal pressure relief and helps the wheelchair user to use the best techniques to relieve pressure. 

Mini-Joystick and Gatlin Mount

Mini-Joystick and Gatlin Mount - allows someone who cannot use the standard joystick to independently operate a power wheelchair.  For individuals who have no arm control/movement the joystick can also be controlled using the chin. The Gatlin hardware has multiple adjusts and mounts the joystick to the seating system or wheelchair base.


SmartWheel - provides information to the therapist about a patient's pushing ability to propel an ultra-light manual wheelchair. The system provides real-time feedback to compare pushing ability before and after clinical interventions. This information is important because of the risk of overuse injury in the shoulder or arms. The SmartWheel helps determine the best configuration for the wheelchair and improves the wheelchair user's ability to propel it efficiently.


SmartDrive - is a power assist device that weighs only 12.5 lbs and attaches to the back of almost any manual wheelchair, including folding chairs. The sideways rollers allow the motor to glide effortlessly allowing for spins and quick turns. It can power up hills and over carpet which decreases wrist and shoulder overuse injuries. SmartDrive is a fully self-contained unit, with a next generation lithium ion battery that can last a whole day. The motion sensing wristband communicates via Bluetooth to the drive motor, making it easy to use.


A Wheelchair Assessment Service appointment consists of a comprehensive evaluation to assess the following areas:

  • Goals and needs of the equipment user
  • Current and previous equipment
  • Functional abilities
  • Environments in which the equipment will be used in including home, work and school
  • Physical assessment including skin and soft tissue, passive range of motion, tone, active movement, pain, posture, balance, sensation and endurance

Through this evaluation, the goals of the seating and mobility system are determined. Extensive equipment simulation is performed to assist the wheelchair user and clinicians in equipment selection. Gaylord’s clinicians work closely with equipment manufacturers to ensure that a wide variety of state-of-the-art equipment options are available for wheelchair users to trial. Our clinicians stay abreast of ongoing developments in federal legislation affecting mobility equipment, in order to make appropriate recommendations.

Goals for a wheelchair assessment include:

  • Maximizing independence with mobility
  • Recommending equipment that is functional, safe and comfortable
  • Improving posture and function while seated in a wheelchair
  • Preventing secondary complications caused by ill-fitting or malfunctioning equipment including orthopedic deformity, loss of skin integrity, pain and depression


  • Computerized pressure mapping assessments to determine how to provide optimal pressure relief while seated in a wheelchair
  • Standing frame evaluations
  • Custom molded seat cushion and back support fabrication


For Information: (203) 284-2705

Wheelchair Assessment Appointments:  (203) 284-2888, option 1