Workers' Compensation

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Workers' Compensation

Single Point of Contact

Gaylord's Workers' Compensation Liaison, Liz Weber, RN, BSN, is the single point of contact for the case manager in field. Liz will establish all aspects of the treatment plan, interface with medical staff at Gaylord, and is your point of contact for all team updates. She will update you every step of the way. One conversation with Liz can simplify the entire workers' compensation process. To make a referral or if you have questions call Liz at (860) 426-5973.

Workers' Compensation at Gaylord

Gaylord provides a care-coordinated, multi-disciplinary team approach for rehabilitative and complex medical care for the injured worker. Our model is based on an individually managed case, with a treatment plan created by an experienced medical team that is closely overseen by a dedicated care manager.

Our record for restoring function and returning people to work and school validates our decades of experience and superior care.  We provide the injured worker with the latest evidence-based rehabilitation while supporting and educating family members in a healing environment.

Workers' Compensation Performance Report

Workers' Compensation Liaison 
Liz Weber, RN
Phone: (203) 426-5973

Workers’ Compensation Liaison
Jaclyn Magnuszewski, COTA
Phone: (203) 284-2989

Manager of Payer Relations
Kathryn Prevost, RN
Phone: (203) 294-3279

Workers' Compensation Physician Specialist
Jerrold L. Kaplan, MD
Phone: (203) 284-2845

Workers' Comp Details

Led by medical directors with advanced board certifications, our robust rehabilitation services range from medically complex inpatient care to evidence-based manual therapy in the outpatient setting. Treatment is individualized based on each patient's needs using our continuum of care to achieve the most optimal outcome.

Our progams include: Brain Injury ProgramNeuro Rehab ProgramPhysical Therapy Orthopedics & Sports MedicinePulmonary &  Ventilator ProgramSpinal Cord Injury ProgramStroke Program 

Services that differentiate Gaylord from other programs include, but are not limited to:

Liaison and Payer Relations 

The Workers’ Compensation Liaison serves as the point person for easy and efficient communication with the workers’ compensation carrier throughout the rehabilitation process.  Gaylord’s Care Manager, in conjunction with the case manager at the workers’ compensation company, ensures a seamless transition to the next level of care including continued services and equipment needs.  This process facilitates efficient care communication, allowing patients to maximize their time at Gaylord for the best possible outcome.

The program also includes the Manager of Payer Relations who is dedicated to establishing new workers’ compensation contracts and negotiating single case agreements. Consistent communication between these two professionals ensures appropriate reimbursement and execution of contracts related to the injured worker's stay at Gaylord Hospital. 


Workers' Compensation Liaison Liz Weber, RN,, (203) 426-5973

Manager of Payer Relations, Kathryn Prevost, RN,, (203) 294-3279