Spinal Cord

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Spinal Cord


Gaylord's Spinal Cord Injury Program offers comprehensive, integrated rehabilitation that helps maximize your abilities and guides you back to an the most independent life possible. Our program draws on the expertise of a complete care team of specialists. We use the latest technologies and research to provide individualized care that focuses on the complete patient– body, mind and spirit. Above all, we help you set realistic goals and give you the skills to make the most of work, home and life.

Spinal Cord Injury Program Outcomes

Our SCI Program 

Jillian's Story Jillian had a T4 spinal cord injury while on vacation. With no feeling from the waist down, she wondered what her life would be like.

SCI Program Overview An overview of our Spinal Cord Injury Program

Mike's story Mike was hit by a car while riding his bike as part of his training for a triathlon. He was one of our first patients to try our new Ekso bionic exoskeleton.


  • How the Ekso Exoskeleton Works (Infographic)
  • SCI Resources
  • SCI Toolkit - Developed under the leadership of Gaylord staff, the New England Spinal Cord Injury Toolkit (SCI Toolkit) includes guidelines, resources, and shared expertise to help prevent some of the common secondary conditions often experienced by individuals living with an SCI.



  • Member of the  Spaulding New England Regional Spinal Cord Injury Center
  • We have the only ZeroG® Gait and Balance System in Connecticut. This system protects patients from falls while providing dynamic body-weight support as patients practice walking, balance tasks, sit-to-stand maneuvers and stairs. ZeroG is mounted to an overhead track, creating a barrier-free environment for the patient and therapist. With ZeroG, patients can begin rehabilitation as early as possible in a safe, controlled environment.
  • Spinal Cord Injury Toolkit
  • Research as Spinal Cord Injury Model System (one of only 14 nationwide)
  • Caregiver support groups
  • Wheelchair Assessment Service
  • Our working facility dog, Galya, has received extensive training in order to become part of our team. Whether patients need an item retrieved, or the lights turned off, Galya can be of assistance while providing comfort and support.
  • Only facility in Connecticut with the Ekso bionic walker for patients with lower body paralysis or weakness
  • Hands-on education for care at home
  • Access to community resources for ongoing support services
  • Family-oriented approach that encourages participation in therapy and support groups


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