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Our Approach to Care

Gaylord's Stroke Program offers a range of inpatient and outpatient services to meet the specific needs of each patient including those with partial paralysis, speech loss, swallowing problems, and perceptual or visual problems. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, our stroke team draws on the wide range of specialists available at Gaylord – speech therapists, physical therapists and more – to help patients regain their strength and maximize their capabilities. Our clinical care team is skilled in treating patients who may also have other complications, such as heart disease, hypertension or diabetes. Gaylord also offers an aggressive rehabilitation program, called the Young Stroke Program for patients of any age who led very active lives before their strokes. Many patients in the Young Stroke Program return home after a stay at the hospital, and most continue with outpatient therapy. The more aggressive therapies used in the program are designed to take advantage of the greater energy and resilience of these patients.

Stroke Education Manual 

Stroke Program Outcomes                                                  

Our Stroke Program 

Stroke Program Overview Our Stroke Program is designed to meet your unique needs and goals to maximize your recovery.

Chris' Young Stroke Recovery Chris was only 34 years old and the father of two young daughters when he had a stroke.

Young Stroke Program Dr. Alyse Sicklick describes the Young Stroke Program and how it meets the needs of patients who were students, primary caregivers or who were working at the time of their stroke.

Program Highlights

Gaylord has more than 60 years of experience in successfully rehabilitating stroke patients.

Zero G® Gait and Balance System

We have the only ZeroG® Weight and Balance System in Connecticut. This system protects patients from falls while providing dynamic body-weight support as patients practice walking, balance tasks, sit-to-stand maneuvers and stairs. ZeroG is mounted to an overhead track, creating a barrier-free environment for the patient and therapist. With ZeroG, patients can begin rehabilitation as early as possible in a safe, controlled environment.

Some of our specialized services include:

  • Swallowing therapy

  • Special diets
  • Videofluoroscopy
  • Computer-assisted therapy
  • Psychological counseling

Our Ekso bionic exoskeleton is equipped with variable assist technology that individualizes the amount of mechanical assist for each leg.

Our Stroke Residential Program/Transitional Living Program offers a supervised environment for recovering stroke patients to practice problem-solving techniques, enhance their social skills, and sharpen their vocational skills before returning to home, work, or the community.

An intensive Aphasia Therapy Program serves those who have developed a speech-language impairment resulting from a stroke, or other acquired brain injury.

Our Cognitive Therapy Program is a structured group program for patients with cognitive deficits. The Program addresses memory skills, vocational issues, fitness, academic and psychosocial impairments, as well as community reintegration.

Gaylord's Aquatic Therapy Program utilizes water-based treatment techniques to:

  • Increase joint range of motion
  • Relieve pain and muscle spasms
  • Build self-confidence
  • Improve functional ability

To help patients and their families learn about stroke and its repercussions, we offer a strong educational program that includes support groups, a 5-part lecture series, publications and family conferences with staff.

Our Stroke Tune-Up Clinic can help you a year after you have completed rehab. During an appointment we will:

  • Assess changes in your mobility, function and health since you finished your rehab
  • Use evaluation tools to help prevent risk factors such as falls, decreased mobility, or future strokes
  • Recommend new technology that has come to market since you finished your rehab 

We encourage annual follow up visits with our physiatrist, a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. The doctor will monitor your function and medications, and will provide a resource assessment to maximize your quality of life post stroke.

Gaylord offers a comprehensive outpatient therapy program for your post stroke needs. Our specialized team uses the latest technology and research-based therapies to optimize your abilities.

The Gaylord Sports Association provides opportunities to return to or to try new sports experiences so you can stay active and healthy.  


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