Stroke Tune-Up Clinic

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Stroke Tune-Up Clinic

Our Approach to Care

Our Stroke Tune-Up Clinic will help you maximize your life after a stroke. During your appointment our skilled team will assess changes in your mobility, function and health, using tools to evaluate and prevent risk factors such as falls, decreased mobility, or future strokes. Ideally, the first visit should be about a year after completing rehabilitation. But even years after a stroke you can still advance and make positive changes. New technologies and treatment options for stroke survivors are evolving daily so an appointment is appropriate even if your stroke occurred many years ago. As part of your evaluation or team may recommend new technology or therapies that may help increase your mobility and ability to function. 

Stroke Tune-Up Clinic goals include:

  • Increasing function
  • Preventing another stroke
  • Safety
  • Increasing independence
  • Achieving a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Increasing participation in community activities

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be evaluated by a rehabilitation certified physician, also known as a physiatrist, and a physical therapist. Occupational and speech therapists, clinical dietitians, and psychologists or counselors may also be a part of the team. Your rehabilitation recommendations will focus on optimizing your health and function and will include education, exercise and/or a therapy treatment program.

What kinds of limitations or challenges can the Stroke Tune-Up Clinic address?

  • Spasticity (tightness or stiffness)
  • Mobility in the community
  • Strength/Range of motion (ROM)
  • Communication or thinking
  • Falls/balance
  • Mood
  • Pain

A visit to the Stroke Tune-Up Clinic can help you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle post-stroke. We will evaluate your medications to make sure you are receiving the best one(s) for your specific issues at the most effective dose. Mobility status and risk factors change as you age with a stroke so it is important to be periodically assessed to prevent future problems. We can help improve your function, safety and independence which helps support your participation in community activities. Finally, we will reassess your equipment and evaluate how new technology might help you.


  • Botox for spasticity
  • Medication assessment and changes
  • Equipment review
  • Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
  • Durable medical equipment (DME)
  • Cognitive screen
  • Home safety evaluation
  • Nutrition and healthy lifestyle review
  • Home Exercise Program review/advance
  • Activities of Daily Living optimization – equipment and tech­nique
  • Technology evaluation/introduction - Bioness, Saebo, Ekso bionic exoskeleton, AAC
  • Neuro-optometry
  • Swallowing evaluation (MBS, FEES)
  • Wheelchair Assessment Service
  • Prosthetic and Orthotic Evaluation
  • Aquatic Therapy or Aquacize Classes



  • Community resources
  • Vocational information
  • Community integration
  • Driving resources
  • Family education and support groups
  • Gaylord Sports Association


You can make a Stroke Tune-Up appointment by calling us at: (203) 284-2888


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