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Patient Experience Office

Patient Experience Office

Patient Experience Office Mission: To engage the patients and staff to partner TOGETHER for a positive Gaylord experience.

Gaylord’s goal is to provide exceptional healthcare that is both patient-centered and family-centered. We use the best practices in providing care and continually educate our staff in the latest clinical information and skills while investing in the newest technology. It is very important that our patients to feel like they are part of the care team and that they are receiving the best service and the highest quality of care. To help meet these goals, representatives from our Patient Experience Office are in regular contact with our inpatients and outpatients.

The Patient Experience team is lead by Patient Relations & Volunteer Services Manager, Dorothy Orlowski. The team’s responsibilities include:

  • Gathering patient and family opinions and information about their experiences at Gaylord.
  • Meeting with patients and asking questions that are directly related to the care and services they are receiving. All responses are confidential and patients are encouraged to be open and direct.
  • Sharing patient appreciation for staff members by recognizing staff with Certificates of Service Excellence.
  • Developing a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) that consists of former patients who can provide “the patient perspective.” This input helps guide organizational changes or decisions related to care delivery and customer service.

Contact Information

Location: The office is located on the ground floor of Jackson in Tremaine Library
Phone: (203) 741-3328


2020 Patient Experience Week Stories

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The Patient Experience at Gaylord

This video provides some highlights and details about Gaylord's facilities and the patient experience including: * Gaylord Hospital Overview and Amenities * Cafeteria/Jackson Java * Patient Experience Office * Visiting Hours * Patient Advisory Council * Support Groups * Volunteer Program * ABI Peer Mentor Program * Crockett Guest House * Hospital Gift Shop * Tremaine Library.


Patient Relations & Volunteer Office: (203) 741-3328