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Former News 8 reporter LaSalle Blanks finds strength after stroke

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

News Channel 8
By Lisa Carberg
May 23, 2023

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Reporter Lasalle Blanks covered Waterbury for News 8 like no one else.

With total passion and enthusiasm for telling stories, he also had a special way of highlighting the city’s youth doing great things. But, one day in 2021, Blank’s life changed forever.

“I couldn’t put any pressure on my left side, so I rolled over on my right and got out of bed, and when I tried to stand I literally started going like this,” Blanks said. “When you have a stroke, you don’t just collapse.”

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“A Whirlwind of Miracles” A First Responder’s Journey through Stroke Recovery

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Mary Turner had just gotten off the phone when an unusual movement in the next room caught her eye.

She looked up to see her 60-year-old husband Paul, a recently retired Hamden firefighter and a 21-year Air Force veteran, stagger and grab the back of a couch to steady himself.

“I asked what was going on, but there was no answer,” Mary recalled.

Mary ran to Paul as he suddenly clutched his left arm and moved it across his chest. 

“I couldn’t imagine what he was doing until I saw that his mouth was drooping a little. I immediately knew he was having a stroke.”

Within minutes, Paul was surrounded by Hamden emergency personnel, all long-time friends and “family” from his decades of service as a first responder.

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Seymour Resident Emily Clifford Honored with the Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing

Friday, May 12, 2023

WALLINGFORD, CONNECTICUT, May 12, 2023 — Gaylord Specialty Healthcare, a nonprofit rehabilitation-focused healthcare organization headquartered in Wallingford, is pleased to announce that Seymour resident and nurse Emily Clifford, RN, BSN, was honored with the Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing. One of Connecticut’s most prestigious nursing honors, the Nightingale Award annually recognizes nurses who go above and beyond the call of duty in various clinical and educational environments. Clifford cares for medically fragile patients at Gaylord Hospital who are recovering from life-altering illnesses and injuries. Her peers say that Clifford pours love into her practice and inspires everyone around her to do the same. “Emily is a dedicated nurse who provides compassionate care and is a role model to...
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Gaylord Specialty Healthcare First in Nation to Adopt Ground-Breaking Pharyngeal Electrical Stimulation Technology to Treat Patients with Dysphagia

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

WALLINGFORD, CONNECTICUT, May 9, 2023 — Gaylord Specialty Healthcare, a nonprofit rehabilitation-focused healthcare system, is proud to announce that it is the first healthcare organization in the nation to use the Phagenyx® Neurostimulation System from Phagenesis, Ltd. to treat dysphagia among stroke patients. Dysphagia – or the difficulty or inability to swallow – affects millions worldwide and is a common diagnosis among adult patients at long-term acute care hospitals, including Gaylord Hospital. Dysphagia following stroke is most often caused by damage to the parts of the brain that control and coordinate swallowing and can lead to serious medical complications, including aspiration pneumonia. The device uses first-of-its-kind Pharyngeal Electrical Stimulation (PES) technology to precisely target and...
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New Beginnings: Suzy’s Story

Thursday, May 04, 2023

Suzy and Asher were in love and looking forward to starting their future and a family together when their lives changed in the blink of an eye. The young couple met while pursuing their MBAs at Wharton and went to work for the same investment banking firm after graduation. The COVID pandemic forced them to postpone their wedding plans as much of Suzy’s family was from out-of-country and international travel was nearly impossible. Last December, Suzy and Asher were only a week away from taking a long-awaited trip to Singapore to visit her mother and pick up their wedding rings when Suzy, 31, experienced the “worst headache” of her life and collapsed at work. She arrived at Bellevue Hospital in New York City with her eyes ‘fixed and dilated” – signs of a potentially poor prognosis. Doctors...
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Former 13News Now anchor LaSalle Blanks showing that the comeback is greater than the setback

Tuesday, May 02, 2023
By David Alan
May 2, 2023

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — For many years Lasalle Blanks greeted our Daybreak viewers every morning on 13News Now. He's been called a one-man pep rally, and hype man for anyone struggling through difficult times. 

But a few years after he left us to report the news in his hometown of New Haven, Connecticut, Sal had a massive stroke. 

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Connecticut Sled Hockey Team Wins National Championship

Friday, Apr 28, 2023

NBC Connecticut News
April 27, 2023

The Gaylord Wolfpack, Connecticut’s only sled hockey team, took home the national championship at USA Hockey’s Disabled Hockey Fest.

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Connecticut’s sled hockey team wins national championship

Friday, Apr 21, 2023

WTNH News Channel 8
By Ellie Stamp
April 19, 2023

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – The UConn men’s basketball team and the Quinnipiac men’s hockey team are not the state’s only national champions – Connecticut’s only sled hockey team just brought in the national title over the weekend.

The Gaylord Wolfpack won the 2023 Adult Tier II Championship at the USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival in St. Louis, Missouri against New Hampshire.

The state champions beat teams from California, Illinois, North Carolina, North Dakota, Texas, Missouri and New Hampshire.

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4th Q. 2023 Joseph A. Lindenmayer Employee of the Year Award Nominees

Tuesday, Apr 18, 2023

The 2023 4th Quarter Nominees for the Joseph A. Lindenmayer Employee of the Year Award

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Ninety-year-old patient-turned-volunteer asks, “How do you pay anybody back for a new lease on life?”

Monday, Apr 17, 2023

As you walk through the hallways of Gaylord Hospital, it’s not unusual to hear Dino Fuoco softly crooning to patients as he wheels them to their therapy appointments.

Dino’s irrepressible joy, bottomless energy, and spontaneous dance moves belie the fact that only months earlier, the 90-year-old was practicing standing in the same hospital where he now volunteers twice a week.

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