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Patients often have multiple medical and surgical issues that result in difficult-to-close pressure ulcers, surgical wounds and wounds as a result of acute or chronic illnesses. 

A pressure sore or injury (also called pressure ulcer, decubitus ulcer, decubiti (plural), bedsore or skin breakdown) is an area of the skin or underlying tissue (muscle, bone) that is damaged due to loss of blood flow to the area. Blood flow to the skin keeps it alive and healthy. If the skin does not get blood, it will die. It is important to know that ninety-five percent of all pressure sores are preventable.

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Gaylord Stroke Education Manual discusses new concerns regarding skin care after a stroke.

Gaylord Pulmonary Education Manual address skin care concerns unique to patients who use a tec

Gaylord Brain Injury Education Manual discusses skin care after a brain injury.

Gaylord Amputee Manual

Gaylord Wound Care PDF 

Model System Knowledge Translation Center offers a full series on skincare

Pressure Injury Prevention Brochure


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