Why I Give

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Why I Give

Eight who give

Eight of our donors share their heartfelt reasons for why they give to Gaylord.  They represent the wide array of our donors:  patients and their families; community members; foundation and corporate committee members; staff; and members of our Board of Directors. At Gaylord donors make extraordinary care possible. 

"It's important to know that the things we've done in this world have an impact on someone else."    Sam Chauncey
"People need to feel a sense of optimism in order to heal and feel better."             Natalie Cheerman
"This a small hospital where your gift can make an enormous difference."              Peter Deckers, MD


We All Need Help at Some Point.

"Everybody needs some help at some point," says Bob Fechtor, whose awareness of charity as a sacred obligation was instilled from an early age. Throughout their marriage, Bob and his wife, Louise, chose their charities wisely even as they were raising three sons. In the early 1950s, Louise was diagnosed with heart valve problems. Many years later, after surgery to replace a heart valve, Louise had a stroke that resulted in the paralysis of her left side. She came to Gaylord for rehabilitation and continued to travel with Bob, living another five years after the stroke. "She and I traveled to more than 90 countries," says Bob, his delight still palpable. That's why Bob and his three sons established the Fechtor Family Fund at Gaylord Hospital, in loving memory of their wife and mother. "I don't have enough to give tremendous sums, but with what I have, I want to help families today because they are on the same path now that we hiked earlier. It's good to know that someone is walking down the street because we helped them to relearn to walk."


It's about the people.

Buck and Pam Wilson have made Gaylord a part of their long-term giving plans. They share their story and motivation to give to Gaylord and explain how easy it is to provide for Gaylord in your will. Buck has served on Gaylord's Board of Directors and Pam has made periodic visits to our outpatient brace clinic to help manage her post-polio syndrome. The Wilson's have a strong commitment to supporting Gaylord and hope to inspire others to give both now and in the future. 

Gaylord gave us everything we needed. 

Ed Cantor's wife came to Gaylord after treatments for cancer. Because Ed was on Gaylord's Board of Directors, he knew that Gaylord was the best place to care for his wife, Micki. "Gaylord gave us everything we needed," Ed explains. As a non-profit long-term acute care hospital Gaylord relies on the donations of individuals, like Ed and his wife, in order to provide a wide variety of care to as many patients as possible. Ed recently wrote a book about the eight-year journey from Micki's diagnosis with stage III ovarian cancer until her death.  Remember Me. Living with Cancer: A Story of Life, Love and Courage.


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