Chapel Construction

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Chapel Construction


Chapel Construction Project 

The Need

Our goal is to create a chapel inside the hospital for use by patients and their families, hospital staff members, and the community at large. The chapel will be a place for quiet reflection, worship, and solace during times of personal crisis or community tragedy, and joyful celebrations like weddings. It will be housed in an attractive space on the hospital’s lower level next to a glassed-in atrium with abundant green plants and natural light from the outdoors. We will welcome people from all faiths and there will be a large open space near the alter in which 16 or more patients in their wheelchairs can be situated for services with room for family and friends. (See artist rendering in photo above.)

Because many of our patients arrive with traumatic injuries or illnesses that require significant life adjustments, the new chapel will provide a place where patients and family members can find peace and solitude in a comforting setting. When staff members receive bad news at work they can retreat to the quiet of the chapel to have time to reflect. And when essential employees, such as nurses or doctors, must work on religious holidays they will have a space to celebrate their faith. But we also need a chapel to house joyous occasions. It’s not unusual for our patients to want to hold a wedding ceremony on campus and a dedicated chapel will allow us to more easily accommodate these kinds of requests.

It is easy to give. Use the online form below and your gift will go directly toward the renovation of the chapel. Thank you!