Gaylord Communities

From the diverse groups of people who come to Gaylord for all types of rehabilitation, a number of communities have formed and grown strong. Many are centered on sports. Some are focused on peer support. All of them work toward continuous recovery, social engagement, and a better life. Best of all, there is always room for more members.






Classes are offered in our community pool for people of all ages with disabilities or limitations. It also is ideal for older adults.

Sports Association Hockey

The Gaylord Sports Association offers the most diverse adaptive sports program in the state, with more than 15 sports offered throughout the year, from introductory clinics to competitive team sports. Coaches, staff, and volunteers provide instruction, equipment, and activity modification based on ability level. The goals: Build confidence. Get exercise. Have fun.

Support Group image of patient & provider

Support Groups

Our support groups provide ongoing education for people with disabilities and those still doing rehabilitation. Support groups also build camaraderie and hope. Find out if Gaylord offers a group that can offer the kind of support you’re looking for.

Volunteers at Gaylord

Volunteer at Gaylord

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Some are community residents who want to contribute, others have had their lives touched by Gaylord in some way and want to give back. All our volunteers add a critical level of support to our staff, and their energy and concern take patient care to a higher level.

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