Areas of Need

Every dollar donated drives transformative progress at Gaylord. Private philanthropy allows us to further our mission of innovation and excellence and continually implement new therapies and care. You can join Gaylord’s mission by supporting one of the following areas of critical need:
Jackson Pavillion

Immediate Needs

Unrestricted gifts are mission-critical to Gaylord, giving our board of directors and administration the ability to respond to immediate needs at the hospital. Unrestricted giving allows our doctors and therapists to design individualized treatment plans that are patient-centered and include all aspects of what we offer including; exceptional care, advanced therapies, and provides budget flexibility for areas of most need.

Zero G gait & balance system

Patient & Family Experience

At Gaylord, our over-arching goal is to provide safe, efficient, and effective, patient-centered care. We believe the role of "patient and family experience" should be considered paramount in delivering high-quality outcomes and safety, thereby providing the greatest value for every patient, whether they are in the hospital or being treated at one of our outpatient facilities. Our ability to lead teams that combine a variety of healthcare disciplines and knowledge is an opportunity for Gaylord to set the standard nationally for the "patient and family experience."

Having funds to renovate our inpatient hospital, create a flagship outpatient facility, add new programs that incorporate holistic and spiritual practices, provide a neighborhood of housing for families whose loves ones are receiving care, and improve our IT infrastructure, will strengthen our reputation and impact. Your support is instrumental. 

Sports Association Sled Hockey

Sports Association

The Gaylord Sports Association is dedicated to helping people with a physical disability experience the benefits of adaptive sports and recreation. We offer the most diverse adaptive sports program in the state of Connecticut with 15 different sports. Programs rang from introductory clinics to competitive sports teams.

Our team of dedicated staff, coaches and volunteers provide instruction, adaptive equipment and activity modification with an individualized approach to maximize the independence of each participant. We strive to provide a safe, fun and supportive environment for all participants and their families. Instruction is based on each participant's level of ability and skill. We welcome everyone from casual beginners to competitive athletes.

Our goal is to assist participants in gaining the confidence, independence and skills to meet their adaptive sports goals. We believe adaptive sports can inspire individuals to overcome obstacles and lead a happier and healthier life.

We invite you to discover your abilities and THINK POSSIBLE with us!

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Alter-G Anti Gravity Treadmill


Society is poised to take technological leaps that will impact healthcare with exciting advances in medical science and technology. Augmenting our clinical expertise with state-of-the-art technologies and techniques is at the core of what we do. For example, Gaylord is the only facility in Connecticut to have the Ekso bionic exoskeleton that allows our patients with lower-extremity paralysis or weakness to stand and walk again.

It is critical for us to offer the latest technologies to our patients so that they can benefit from the newest treatment options and achieve the best outcomes. Being able to invest in innovative equipment and treatment methods — from virtual reality and robotics to voice recognition software and telemedicine — ensures that our patients receive the most current treatment resulting in maximum functional recovery.

Our patients are individuals with head injury, stroke, and spinal cord injuries who receive treatment from our occupational and physical therapists, physiatrists, nurses, speech pathologists, and psychologists. Our clinicians make use of technologies that assess and enhance our patient’s motor and cognitive function. We seek to engage product developers, corporations and foundations, and others interested in supporting our mission to make healthier tomorrows possible, to create a community committed to a shared investment that will benefit healthcare advancement. By partnering with us to discover innovative solutions and support the programs that enhance and improve patient care across our region, you help us achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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