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Consulting Physicians

Name Specialty
Carolyn Ajemian, MD Radiology
Corlis Archer-Goode, MD Urology
Bachaar Arnaout, MD Psychiatry
Ronald Bezahler, MD Ophthalmology
Curtland Brown, III, MD Pulmonology
Peter Chuang, MD Nephrology
John Dinkler, MD Cardiology
William Farrell, MD Cardiology
Harris Foster, MD Urology
George Gavern, DO Radiology
Greg Gersten, MD Radiology
Brett Gerstenhaber, MD Pulmonology
Richard Giosa, MD Pulmonology
Jason Gluck, MD Cardiology
Robert Golub, MD Cardiology
Robert Gumbardo, MD Radiology
Jeffrey Hawley, MD Radiology
Mark Hotchkiss, MD Nephrology
Henry Hsia, MD Plastic Surgery
Theddeus Ineanacho, MD Psychiatry
Bipinchandra Jagivan, MD Radiology
Mark Johnson, MD Radiology
Laura Ann Kaplan, MD Radiology
Jerrold Kaplan, MD Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Bradely Leypold, MD Radiology
Howard Likier, MD Gastroenterology
Name Specialty
David Lobo, MD Infectious Disease
Michael Malin, MD Radiology
Geoffrey Manton, MD Radiology
Norman Marieb, MD Endocrinology
John McArdle, MD IM/Pulmonology/Critical Care
Peter McPhedran, MD Hematology
Gwen Moraski, MD Pain Management
Paolo Olcese, MD Radiology
Joe Radojveic, MD Cardiology
Jeffrey Reynolds, MD Nephrology
Peter Rogol, MD Pulmonology
Francoise Roux, MD IM/Pulmonary/Critical Care
Edward Salerno, MD IM/Pulmonary/Critical Care/Sleep
Joseph Schindler, MD Neurology
Scott Segal, MD Radiology
Kevin Sevarino, MD Psychiatry
Yeo Yang Shin, MD Radiology
David Simon, MD Nephrology
George Spivak, MD Cardiology
Thomas Takoudes, MD Otolaryngology
Anna Tirado, MD OB/GYN