Traurig Challenge

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Traurig Challenge

Traurig Challenge 


We met the Traurig Challenge! The community responded with great enthusiasm and donated $60,000 to release the Challenge money of $60,000. THANK YOU for responding for the call and helping make this possible. The new floors and bathrooms are being installed (see before and after photos below). 

New Challenge for $20,000

If you have tackled any home updates you know that new needs or issues always pop up. This has happened with the Traurig House renovation, expanding the project and increasing costs. Based on feedback there were changes to the plans which include:

  • Installing solid surface floors rather than carpeting for durability and infection control
  • Replacing the dining room table and purchasing ten new chairs
  • Adding seating to the living room
  • Changing bedroom furniture and desks based on feedback 
  • Upgrading Internet wiring, routers and Wi-Fi to make it easy for patients to use computers and tablets to work on cognitive skills

This means we need to raise $30,000 in additional funds. The good news is that we already have $10,000 of that secured and we only need to raise $20,000 more. These extra changes will help ensure that Traurig is fully equipped to serve the needs of our brain injury patients. Would you consider giving an additional gift?

photo of Traurig House updates
Updates for Traurig House

How You Can Help

After a devastating brain injury or stroke, Traurig House gives patients and their families the hope for a better future. As an 8-bed co-ed home on the Gaylord campus it provides a vital step between an inpatient stay and the return home. 

We know that family members often rely on the things they can see and understand, such as the physical environment and design, to evaluate the quality of care. To better serve our patients and their families Traurig House must be updated. We need to raise an additional $20,000 from our community to finish this important project. Your donation to the Traurig Challenge can help families and patients feel confident that the environment of Traurig House reflects the outstanding care that Gaylord is known for. Contact Tara Knapp at 203-284-2838 or give directly by using the online form below.