John Corbett

Research Coordinator

John Corbett, BA

Research Coordinator

BA, Psychology, Marist College, 2020

John Corbett is a Research Coordinator at Gaylord Specialty Healthcare’s Milne Institute of Healthcare Innovation. As part of the Milne Institute, Mr. Corbett aids in the design, administration, and monitoring of clinical trials and studies. He helps gather, analyze, and present data collected during the trials through data visualization, academic papers, and conferences.

Prior to joining Gaylord and the Milne Institute, Mr. Corbett graduated from Marist College in 2020 with a major in Psychology and a minor in Biology. There he was a Research Methods Teaching Assistant, as well as an Independent Researcher at Marist College, helping students and professors conduct their studies while conducting multiple studies of his own. Post-graduation, he worked at the University of Vermont, helping with neuroimaging data analysis for a consortium study on genetics and addiction.


Research interests:

  • Inpatient sleep initiative
  • Cognitive screening tool
  • Medicare waiver admissions during COVID-19



Gaidos S, Hrdlicka HC, Corbett J. Implementation of a Free Water Protocol at a Long Term Acute Care Hospital. In-press. Scientific Reports. Anticipated Feb 23, 2023. doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-29448-5.



Multiple presentations and posters have been produced relating to his work. You may view some of them here.


John Corbett, BA

Research Coordinator

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