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Inpatient Admissions

We strive to make the inpatient admissions process as seamless as possible

Patients admitted to Gaylord Hospital are usually referred from an acute care hospital by a physician, social worker, case manager, or discharge planner who makes the referral by calling Gaylord Admissions at (203) 284-2810.

Getting started

Hospital Admissions Process


Request a Referral

• Patients come to Gaylord directly from an acute care hospital.
Ask your physician, social worker, case manager, or discharge planner to make a referral
   to Gaylord to begin the admission process.
Please initiate the request as early as possible


On-Site Evaluation & Assessment

• A Nurse Clinical evaluator from Gaylord conducts an evaluation and pre-admission
   assessment to ensure that Gaylord is the next appropriate level of care.
Assessment may include Interviews with the patient, family, and relevant healthcare
Family members are encouraged to tour Gaylord Hospital before admission, arranged by
   calling (203) 284-2800, option 9 on weekdays.


Insurance Verification

• The admission office verifies insurance coverage.

Admission to Gaylord Hospital

• An admissions representative will greet you to sign consent forms. Please bring a photo
   ID, social security number, all insurance cards (including new Medicare cards), and auto
   insurance information if applicable

Hospital Tour

Take A Virtual Tour

We encourage patients’ family members to tour Gaylord Hospital prior to admission. Tours can be arranged by appointment on weekdays by calling: (203) 284-2800, option 9


Insurance Accepted

 Gaylord is considered an in-network provider for many healthcare plans. Participating insurance companies change over time, so please ask your patient to contact their insurance carrier or Gaylord and we will be happy to help, whether the coverage is for inpatient or outpatient services, or physical therapy.Our staff will help facilitate benefit checks, insurance authorizations, and clinical acceptance. The Admissions staff at Gaylord will also contact the insurance company, inquire as to the benefits and out-of-pocket expenses, and obtain pre-authorization if needed. Please note patients enrolled in plans with out-of-network benefits may also be eligible for inpatient, outpatient, and/or physical therapy.

Accepted managed care plans include but are not limited to:


  • Gaylord-swirl-1
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
    Blue Cross
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
    Harvard Pilgrim
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
    United Healthcare
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
    Yale Health Plan

  • Gaylord-swirl-1
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
    State of Connecticut Medicaid
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
    VA Community Care Network (managed by Optum)
Medicare Advantage

  • Gaylord-swirl-1
    Aetna Medicare Advantage
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
    Blue Cross Medicare Advantage
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
    Carepartners of CT
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
    Connecticare Medicare Advantage
  • Gaylord-swirl-1
    Wellcare Medicare
Workers' Compensation Expertise

Workers Compensation

Gaylord provides coordinated, individually managed, team-based, rehabilitative and complex medical care for injured workers in both inpatient and outpatient areas. Treatment plans are created and led by a board certified medical director with extensive experience in workers' compensation and coordinated by a dedicated Care Manager. We provide the injured worker with the latest evidence-based rehabilitation in a healing environment.

Our Workers’ Compensation inpatient and outpatient liaison team will establish a direct line of communication between Gaylord and the adjustor or Nurse Case Manager assigned. This facilitates the injured worker’s progress toward achieving goals of treatment and return to work. Our practice also includes a Manager of Payer Relations who establishes new workers’ compensation contracts and negotiates single case agreements. Consistent communication between all professionals ensures appropriate care, reimbursement, and execution of contracts related to the injured worker's rehabilitation at Gaylord.

Inpatient Admissions FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions FAQs

How do I get referred to Gaylord for admission?
How long will I be at Gaylord?
Do you offer private tours, and if so, how do I schedule one?
What do I bring?

Clinical FAQs

Who will be my doctor?
Who oversees my care and stay at Gaylord?
How often will I get therapy while at Gaylord?

Accommodation FAQs

What are your rules for visitation?
Is it hard for my family to get there and visit? 

Housing FAQs

Are there nearby hotels to stay in?  
The Team

Gaylords' Nurse Clinical Evaluators

To ensure that Gaylord Hospital is the appropriate next level of care, a clinical evaluator visits the referring hospital, performs an on-site evaluation, and conducts a pre-admission assessment of the patient.

Evelyn McInnis, RN
Team Lead - South Team
Yale (York Street Campus) Smilow

Annie Marchitto, RN, BSN
Yale (York Street Campus)

Jackie Freeman, RN
Yale (York Street Campus)

Gina Goldstein, LPN
Waterbury Hospital, Saint Mary’s Hospital, Yale (St. Raphael Campus)

Steve Tortora, RN, BSN
St. Vincent’s Hospital, Bridgeport Hospital, Yale

Alyssa DeBarros, RN, MSN
Hospital of Central Connecticut, St. Francis


Julie Purzycki, RN, BSN
Team Lead - North Team
Hartford Hospital

Julie Colantonio, RN
Out of Area (New England)
Small CT Hospitals

Deirdre Danford, RN, BSN
Middlesex, UCONN Backus

Daren Hill, RN, BS, CCM
Small CT Hospitals

Linda Langlais, RN, BSN
Midstate Medical Center, St. Francis

Liz Weber, RN
Hartford Hospital, Connecticut Children’s Hospital,  Workers’ Compensation


What is an LTACH?

Gaylord - Where Rehabilitation Begins

Gaylord Hospital is a long-term acute care hospital (LTACH) where the average length of stay is 25 days, ranging from 14 to 28 days for many patients. We admit patients from acute care hospitals within Connecticut, across New England, and throughout the United States, where severe injury, illness, or complex medical conditions require medical rehabilitation in a hospital setting.

Setting the Course, Setting the Standard

At Gaylord Hospital, we are the first step for patients on a path that will return them to the greatest level of physical and mental well being and the highest level of independence possible. Each unit of the hospital is designed and staffed to address the issues that patients facing specific conditions must face. Each one of our 137 beds is in a private room for peace and privacy. And each patient is surrounded by a clinical team whose expertise is matched by their compassion.