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Traurig House Admissions

The Louis D. Traurig House is Connecticut's residential program for brain injury and stroke recovery

Where independence is possible!

Getting started

Admissions Process

Complete the referral form at the bottom of this page.
Once received, the clinical supervisor of the program will review eligibility and verify insurance.
The clinical supervisor will reach out to you with more questions, approval, or next steps.

Insurance Accepted

Traurig House at Gaylord is considered an in-network provider for many healthcare plans. Participating insurance companies change over time, so please ask your patient to contact their insurance carrier or Gaylord and we will be happy to help, whether the coverage is for inpatient or outpatient services, or physical therapy. Our staff will help facilitate benefit checks, insurance authorizations, and clinical acceptance. The Admissions staff at Gaylord will also contact the insurance company, inquire as to the benefits and out-of-pocket expenses, and obtain pre-authorization if needed. Please note patients enrolled in plans with out-of-network benefits may also be eligible for inpatient, outpatient, and/or physical therapy.

Accepted managed care plans include but are not limited to:

Blue Cross of CT

Policy numbers starting with XG




A housing grant is available if insurance does not cover the residential portion of the person’s stay.
Traurig House Admissions FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the stay at Traurig?
Will my family member be able to come home to visit?
Will my family member require 24hr supervision on the weekends?
Will we need to bring any medicine with us when we come?
Will Traurig provide transportation to doctors or specialist appointments?
Will there be an MD to follow the resident?

Refer a Patient

Traurig House: Brain Injury & Stroke Residential Program

About Traurig

Residential Program

When a person has completed inpatient rehabilitation yet has lingering language, physical, or cognitive
impairment, the eight-bed, co-ed Traurig House provides an educational bridge to ease the patient from
the hospital to home. Traurig offers a warm, welcoming, home-like setting with specialized programs
supporting daily living skills. Residents can expect to work on social skills, medication education,
cooking, laundry, recreation activities and enjoy a sense of community and camaraderie. An highlight for
graduates is the annual Traurig House picnic in September where alums can return, revisit and
reconnect with one another and staff.

Therapy Program

To maximize their mobility, communication, and thinking skills residents of Traurig House participate in
five days a week outpatient therapy on the Wallingford campus. Their participation in physical,
occupational, and speech therapy aids the transition to home and independent living. Residents
participate in groups, Aphasia Day Treatment, and Cognitive Day treatment programs and have
psychology, neuropsychology, and counseling services available. Residents also participate in
Community Out trips which help them navigate the complexities of community life in a safe and
supportive environment. Examples include planning and executing trips to the bank, a museum, grocery
shopping, or a movie theater.