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Medical, Cardiac & Wound

Experts in Complex Medical Care

The right care for your recovery

A hospitalist-led team of acute care nurses and wound care specialists supported by the latest technology and techniques to provide you with exceptional care for medical, cardiac, and wound care. Our program bridges the journey from the acute care hospital to home, providing daily medical management and therapy. Our private rooms allow patients to heal, rest, and visit with family while providing the benefit of being a core component of infection prevention.

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Our Approach

Advancing recovery through clinical excellence and technology

Our goal is to return you to the highest level of function and independence possible.  We achieve this goal by providing clinical excellence at the bedside, the latest technology and introducing physical therapy within days of admission to the hospital.


Our Programs

Explore our wide range of inpatient and outpatient programs for every level of care

Our Medical, Cardiac & Wound Expertise & Programs

We offer a range of programs

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Discover our exceptional acute medical care and rehabilitation for amputations. With nearly two million people in the US living with limb loss, Gaylord offers comprehensive care, addressing various causes like vascular disease, trauma, or cancer. We tailor inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs to your needs. The goal is enhanced independence in daily activities and a seamless transition to a full, active life.


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Cancer Care


Cancer care at Gaylord includes both inpatient and outpatient care based on a team approach. Patients with an active cancer diagnosis receive care that builds strength and resilience for pre-treatment or in-between treatment, post-chemo and post-radiation. Patients are served by registered dietitians, therapists, social workers, and care managers, who share information across healthcare disciplines and provide care that nourishes the medical and psychological needs of the patient.


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Concussion Program


Every concussion is unique. Our physiatrists, neuropsychologists, sports medicine physical therapists, vestibular/balance specialists, and occupational and speech therapists work together to evaluate and assess your injury and tailor an individualized care plan based on age, type, and extent of injury.


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Guillaine-Barre (GBS) 


Guillaine-Barre (GBS) is a rare autoimmune disorder that disrupts typical nerve function. The condition is caused when a person’s body mistakes its own cells as dangerous and begins to secrete autoantibodies that target nerves. This leads to side effects, often beginning with weakness and tingling in the legs. Depending on the severity of your impairment, an inpatient or outpatient program can be customized for you at Gaylord.






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Infectious Disease Management 


Our staff are experts in caring for patients with osteomyelitis, MRSA, staphylococcal bacteremia, septicemia, severe urinary tract infections, or necrotizing fasciitis. Team members are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, have advanced training in wound care, and are qualified to care for patients with lymphedema. We consult with our infectious disease physician and referring physicians to ensure coordinated treatment. All private rooms in addition to four negative pressure rooms enhance our infectious disease management.


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Occupational Therapy 


Occupational therapy promotes safe and efficient daily activities,enhancing independence in crucial areas like self-care, parenting, cooking, driving, and work. Specialists emphasize endurance training, simplifying tasks, and home equipment. EasyStreet™, a hospital-based simulated community, aids patient recovery and success.








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Physical Therapy


Skilled physical therapists work with patients to define goals, reduce pain, and enhance mobility, function, as well as personal performance. Gaylord uses advanced technologies and techniques to accelerate rehabilitation and return people to maximum health and quality of life.









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Prosthetic and Orthotic Care


Our team evaluates a patient's strength, gait, balance, coordination, medication, and current prosthetic or orthotic use. New technologies are changing the shape of this field, and our clinical staff will introduce patients to the best options available. Whether getting up on a new prosthetic for the first time or interested in new technology, we can help.





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Transplant & LVAD 


We have decades of experience caring for patients recovering from a heart, lung, or kidney transplant. Patients are under the 24/7 care of a hospitalist, with consults from cardiology and other specialists in state-of-the-art private rooms. Therapy sessions are individualized. Nutritional counseling is available for oral, enteral, and parenteral nutrition. Psychological counseling is available. A cardiac support group is held on campus every other month.


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Technology at Gaylord

We use the latest technology to advance your recovery

Where you choose to receive care can make all the difference. Gaylord offers an extraordinary range of technologies and patient services, all based on the latest research and best practices. 

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Hear From A Patient

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