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Pulmonary, Vent Programs & Oxygen Management

About Our Program

Breathe Easier

We are renowned for our exceptional pulmonary program, which has been at the forefront of addressing pulmonary issues since 1902. From tuberculosis to COVID-19, the Gaylord team of expert clinicians, including respiratory therapists, have led the way in treating advanced pulmonary diseases, including COPD, emphysema, pneumonia, pulmonary edema, asthma, interstitial lung disease, lung cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, pre-and post-lung transplant, respiratory failure, and ventilator management including weaning, dependence, and home training.

Our Approach

Optimize function and quality of life with our comprehensive, individualized pulmonary programs

We aim to return you to the highest level of function and independence possible. We achieve this goal by providing clinical excellence at the bedside, using the latest technology, and evidence-based protocol driven care. We offer the entire continuum of care with an expert, multidisciplinary team of pulmonologists, hospitalists, nurses, respiratory therapists, and physical, occupational, and speech therapists.


We welcome pulmonary patients from acute care settings, addressing a spectrum of conditions. Our tailored and interdisciplinary approach focuses on building skills for optimal recovery that not only attains superior outcomes for patients but also elevates the overall quality of care provided.

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Our outpatient pulmonary team consistently achieves world-class outcomes for our patients through a collaborative approach that comprehensively addresses their physical, emotional, and psychological needs. The coordination among our team of professionals is seamless, elevating the overall quality of care delivered and helping patients meet their goals.

Support group
Support Groups

Support groups create a supportive and empowering environment that can significantly contribute to the well-being and resilience of individuals facing various life circumstances. Explore our support options with the Better Breathers Support Group and our Alumni Program, which brings together individuals who have successfully completed Outpatient Pulmonary Rehab.

Our Pulmonary, Vent Programs & Oxygen Management Expertise & Programs

We offer a range of programs to meet the varying needs of our patients

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Chronic Long Term Ventilator


Our team optimizes ventilator settings and manages the patient requiring long-term ventilation via a tracheostomy tube.

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COVID-19 Recovery & Rehab Services


Gaylord Outpatient Services is uniquely qualified to help you complete your recovery from COVID-19, especially if you are dealing with long-COVID symptoms. Our expertise in rehabilitation, experience with inpatient COVID patients, and ability to customize services provide our patients with superior outcomes. 

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Home Destination Ventilator


We partner with the patient, family, and home ventilator company to facilitate the transition home, including optimizing vent settings, training, and education on all aspects of care necessary for the patient with a ventilator and tracheostomy tube, and coordination of equipment and supplies required for discharge.


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Non-Invasive Ventilation - CPAP, BiPAP, and AVAPS


Our team determines and optimizes settings required, mask type, and fit to improvepatient compliance and comfort. Also, our team can qualify patients for home use if indicated and coordinate equipment and supplies necessary for discharge home.


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Outpatient Pulmonary Rehab


Our dedicated team of Respiratory Therapists provides education and exercise to individuals with chronic pulmonary disease, including COPD, emphysema, asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, pre and post-lung transplant, and much more.


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Oxygen Management 


Our team evaluates the patient's needs and titrates the oxygen as indicated while working to improve the patient's daily activities, function, and quality of life. Our team can qualify the patient for home oxygen use and facilitate home equipment and supplies needed before discharge.


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Pre and Post-Lung Transplant Care 


Optimize pulmonary health and function as well as physical and nutritional status while awaiting a lung transplant. Post-transplant, our team supports the recovery process, provides education on care, and builds strength and endurance.

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Pulmonary Disease Management 


Utilizes a comprehensive strategy to improve overall health and reduce exacerbations and hospitalizations for patients with chronic pulmonary conditions, including education about the disease, developing evidence-based medication and treatment plans, and adding oxygen and non-invasive therapy when indicated.

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Pulmonary Procedures  


Our Pulmonologists and Respiratory Therapists can perform a bedside bronchoscopy or thoracentesis.


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Respiratory Testing 


Our team can perform nocturnal oxygen therapy testing for BiPAP and oxygen qualification, sleep study to qualify for home CPAP, bedside spirometry, and respiratory mechanics.


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Tracheostomy Tube Management 


Our team manages all components of a patient with a tracheostomy tube, including using a speaking valve, changes including adjusting size or type, evaluating for the ability to decannulate and remove tracheostomy tube when indicated, or providing education for the patient and family when discharge home with a trach is indicated.

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Ventilator Weaning


Our vent weaning success rate is well above the national average and we’re often able to wean patients who couldn't be weaned at an acute care hospital. Care begins with a pre-arrival assessment so special needs are known up front.


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Technology at Gaylord

We use the latest technology to advance your recovery

Where you choose to receive care can make all the difference. Gaylord offers an extraordinary range of technologies and patient services, all based on the latest research and best practices. 

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