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Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehab at Gaylord

Complete your comeback!

Gaylord excels in achieving remarkable outcomes for neurological injuries and illnesses. With a specialized team of doctors and therapists, Gaylord focuses on treating a range of conditions, including brain and spinal cord injuries, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, early dementia, and more. Offering 30+ treatment programs at two convenient locations, Gaylord utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver customized care that enhances mobility, reduces pain, and improves overall quality of life.

Our Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Expertise & Programs

We offer a range of inpatient, outpatient, and transitional programs for every level of care

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Aphasia Therapy


Our intensive Aphasia Therapy outpatient program centers on strengthening communication skills, auditory comprehension, verbal and written expression, and speech.


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Aquatic Therapy


Aquatic therapy for inpatients and outpatients is provided by physical and occupational therapists with advanced training. The goal is to improve strength and flexibility, reduce pain, build endurance, and restore balance.

The 75-by-25-foot therapeutic pool is specially designed for people with disabilities. The water temperature is maintained at a constant 90 degrees. Features include easy wheelchair access; Hydraulic lift and overhead sling transfer lift; Stairs with rails, transfer bench, and warm water jets; Bench in the water for those who need to sit while exercising; and Accessible locker rooms and showers.


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Assistive Technology (AT)


AT encompasses various tools, from off-the-shelf to customized, enhancing functional capabilities for activities like feeding, dressing, and communication. Trained therapists collaborate to identify and recommend the most effective AT, promoting independence in daily life, from low-tech solutions like reachers to high-tech environmental control units.


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Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)


AAC enhances communication for individuals with speech or language challenges. It includes methods like electronic devices and communication boards, aiding expression and boosting social interaction. AAC, either temporary or permanent, aims to meet
unmet communication needs, promoting meaningful participation in daily activities. A collaborative team, led by a speech-language pathologist, assesses, develops, and trains
individuals and their families, incorporating input from occupational and physical therapists for optimal effectiveness


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Cognitive Therapy


The Cognitive Therapy Program is an intensive full day, individualized program that includes a mix of group and individual therapies provided on an outpatient basis.


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Concussion Program


Gaylord specialists understand that every concussion is unique, and the priorities for recovery will differ depending on the patient's age and the type and extent of the injury. Our team of physiatrists, neuropsychologists, sports medicine physical therapists, vestibular/balance specialists, and occupationaland speech therapists delivers personalized care for each patient, supporting individual goals for recovery.


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COVID-19 Recovery & Rehab Services


Gaylord Outpatient Services is uniquely qualified to help you complete your recovery from COVID-19, especially if you are dealing with long-COVID symptoms. Our expertise in rehabilitation, experience with inpatient COVID patients, and ability to customize services provide our patients with superior outcomes. 


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Dysphagia Treatment


Problems with swallowing and can occur with many neuromuscular or neurological diseases or conditions such as MS, Parkinson's, ALS, stroke, brain injury, Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), and so forth.


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Guillaine-Barre (GBS) 


Guillaine-Barre (GBS) is a rare autoimmune disorder that disrupts typical nerve function. The condition is caused when a person’s body mistakes its own cells as dangerous and begins to secrete autoantibodies that target nerves. This leads to side effects, often beginning with weakness and tingling in the legs. Depending on the severity of your impairment, an inpatient or outpatient program can be customized for you at Gaylord.


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LSVT BIG addresses movement challenges in people with Parkinson's, enhancing small and large motor skills for daily activities like buttoning a shirt or maintaining balance while walking. Meanwhile, LSVT LOUD focuses on recalibrating perceptions to help individuals with PD speak at a more normal level of loudness, improving communication in various settings.


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Neuropsychological Program


If problems with memory or an inability to think clearly have become a continuing problem for you, you may be a candidate for a Neuropsychological Evaluation. 


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Occupational Therapy 


Occupational therapy helps patients regain the ability to perform daily activities safely and efficiently. 





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Physiatry diagnoses and treats conditions that have resulted in temporary or permanent loss of function affecting independence. The goal is to improve quality of life by avoiding surgery and narcotics.



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Physical Therapy


Skilled physical therapists work with patients to define goals, reduce pain, and enhance mobility, function, as well as personal performance. Gaylord uses advanced technologies and techniques to accelerate rehabilitation and return people to maximum health and quality of life.



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Prosthetic & Orthotic Care


Our team evaluates a patient's strength, gait, balance, coordination, medication, and current prosthetic or orthotic use. New technologies are changing the shape of this field, and our clinical staff will introduce patients to the best options available. Whether getting up on a new prosthetic for the first time or interested in new technology, we can help.


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The role of psychosocial services is to evaluate current functioning, including assessment of affect, personality characteristics, behavior, cognitive abilities, adjustment to disability, substance use and behavioral health. Following the evaluation,
treatment recommendations for psychosocial and other related services are made. Treatment may include individual, couple and family/support system counseling and/or group therapy, as well as cognitive/memory rehabilitation.


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Speech Therapy


Speech-language pathologists at Gaylord specialize in treating speech, language, and cognitive deficits associated with neurological disorders. Speech therapists help with the recovery of speech, verbal expression, and comprehension. They support the recovery of reading, writing, and other cognitive and communication skills. Swallowing impairment (dysphagia) and stuttering are also key conditions treated by Gaylord speech experts.








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Vestibular Rehabilitation


Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is offered through Gaylord’s Outpatient Services. It’s an exercise-based program designed to reduce vertigo and dizziness, gaze instability, and imbalance or falls. VRT is performed by a certified physical or occupational therapist with the goal of promoting compensation. Compensation techniques teach the brain to use other senses (vision and body sense) as a substitute for a deficient vestibular system. Vestibular deficits may often be permanent, but VRT can help patients feel and function much better by establishing an exercise program that can be performed regularly at home.


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Wheelchair Assessment 


Our Wheelchair Assessment Service is led by physical therapists who are certified Assistive Technology Professionals and supported by suppliers of complex rehab technology who assist in advanced equipment selection. They work with clients to identify goals, physical capabilities and challenges, in environments where the equipment must function at the highest possible level. Other services include computerized pressure mapping assessments, standing frame evaluations, custom seat cushion and back support shape capture. Proper evaluation can reduce costs, improve mobility and quality of life, and - equally important - prevent complications that result from ill-fitting equipment.


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Workers Compensation


We offer coordinated, individually managed, team-based, rehabilitative, and complex medical care for injured workers in inpatient and outpatient areas. Treatment plans are created and led by a board-certified medical director with extensive workers' compensation experience and coordinated by a dedicated Care Manager










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Technology at Gaylord

We use the latest technology to advance your recovery

Where you choose to receive care can make all the difference. Gaylord offers an extraordinary range of technologies and patient services, all based on the latest research and best practices. 

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Hear From A Patient

“My therapist's are wonderful. They are kind, they are patient, they are thoughtful.”

Sonia Bonsu | ADEM/Neurological Rehab Patient
Hear From A Patient

“My therapist's are wonderful. They are kind, they are patient, they are thoughtful.”

Sonia Bonsu | ADEM/Neurological Rehab Patient
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