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Traurig House, Residential Brain injury Program

About Traurig House

Louis D. Traurig House

Discover the transformative power of The Louis D. Traurig House, Connecticut's premier residential program for stroke and brain injury patients. Nestled within our expansive 400-acre Wallingford campus, Traurig House stands as the state's sole transitional living center, providing an exceptional environment for up to eight residents. Emulating the comfort of a true home, our program focuses on bolstering daily living skills while facilitating access to vital outpatient therapies.

Our Approach

Individualized attention and a sense of community are the hallmarks of the Traurig House experience

Our comprehensive rehabilitation services facilitate a seamless transition from hospital to home. Our combination of residential program and outpatient therapy services empowers residents to reclaim their communication, cognitive, and life skills, fostering their successful reintegration into their cherished homes and communities.

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Residential Program

For approximately 35-40 days, Traurig House becomes a resident's home. A genuine living laboratory and therapy space where they master activities of daily living (ADLs) such as cooking, making one's bed, laundry, social skills, problem-solving, social graces, medication management and compensatory strategies. Each weekend they go home to put those skills to the test. Family and staff work together weekly to identify areas for improvement to help the resident reach maximum function, independence and a successful discharge.

Traurig Outpatient

Outpatient Therapy

Residents participate in five days a week of intensive therapy which includes physical, occupational, speech and aquatic therapy. They also participate in our unique Aphasia or Cognitive Day Treatment services. Conducted in a group session, the Day Treatment program improves functional communication skills, independence, and sense of well-being. Also available to residents is neuropsychological testing and psychological services as well as access to rehab physicians.

Traurig Community

Community Reintegration

The goal of independence is central to the Traurig House experience. To achieve that goal, residents work with their therapists in a group to organize community out trips. From choosing the activity/destination, to researching cost, hours, transportation, departure times, accessibility to actually going on the trip, our residents learn how to successfully navigate the world around them.

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"They taught me how to address my own needs, such as cooking or shopping with walker."

Arthur R. McWhite

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